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  1. Tidy looking and fairly rare nowadays, being a Coupe. The white alloys don't do it any favours. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1218274
  2. Spot-on! They would look very smart! I'm sure I've read before about some fitting 17 or 18 inch wheels to Manta's and reverting back down to 15 inch as they ruined the ride etc. What width do you plan on getting? .... and tyre size/profile?
  3. I think that would look spot-on!
  4. The other side is a Tenner cheaper! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-Cavalier-MK1-Opel-Manta-B/254470809019?hash=item3b3fa465bb:g:CqwAAOSwTs9eD1Br They look more like later headlamps than early, but stand to be corrected.
  5. Up for £6995 now. Just noticed there's a 142 photos on the seller's website. It does look very nice overall if it weren't for the O/S Front wing. Easily fixed I suppose. http://www.eastlancashireclassics.com/vehicle.php?id=170
  6. Ah, it's still up for sale then! Carl had this on Ebay a month or so ago for a lot less than the current asking price. There's 142 photos on the current seller's website: http://www.eastlancashireclassics.com/vehicle.php?id=170 Apart from the paint blemishes and the O/S front wing, it looks very nice!
  7. Bloody chancer I'd say, going by his comment re having too many projects! I see it's in Fife now!
  8. Perhaps, but it does need a bit of TLC and very probably a full respray. Still, you could probably get it fixed up and on the road again for a £10K spend.
  9. Now that's looking very nice indeed! I have to agree about the lights spoiling the looks. They are too big. Each to their own however. I think those wheels wheels would look good painted as per Exclusive Ronals. Liking the decals. Wasn't sure if they would go with the orange paintwork but they do! Good job!
  10. Interesting! A different seller than yesterday. Me thinks he's out to make a quick profit. Note the copy of Manta Magic on the passenger seat. It says it was last taxed in 2018 yet there's no MOT history.
  11. Just failed it's first MOT since 2010. Corrosion unfortunately. I think the other one has a better interior. Yes, those wheels just don't suit it!
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