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  1. I suspect at £15K, you would probably get it! Also think you might well have it for a long time however. Witness that GT/J that's been up for grabs for a similar price for months, albeit a Hatch. Then again, if you do have £15K and put it away for a few years values will catch up with it eventually! I reckon it will go for around £10K. As you say, not the best time of year to be selling. Had it been a GTE, who knows what it might fetch.
  2. Have a look here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Haynes-Opel-Manta-Coupe-A-Series-Manual-1970-to-1974-Used-Inc-Usa-Spec/283575591890?hash=item42066c23d2:g:810AAOSwgHRdTbix
  3. Good question! The GT superceded the GT/J which was only around for circa a year (1983). From memory not a lot, but the GT got the Berlinetta door cards with Continental style armrests. The GT/J's were more basic. Might have got a Rear wiper as standard. Seats were the same as the Berlinetta (GT might be as well). Berlinetta Alloys were an optional extra as were Headlamp wash/wipers. Carpet may have been upgraded and possibly tinted glass. Unfortunately 35 years on my memory is not quite what it was. Not sure why anyone would have bought one back in the day unless their budget was limited. The Berlinetta wasn't much more expensive.
  4. That's looking very smart indeed! You might be right about the side skirts. Always thought those bump strips would look much better body colour. Hint hint....
  5. Ah! That one! Pity it's just the basic GT. That doesn't help it's chances despite being a fair price.
  6. That's 3 one owner Manta's that have appeared this week! Looks good! What a pity about the interior. I'd imagine it was in pretty good shape given the lowish mileage.
  7. Doesn't look too bad. Yours for circa £5500: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-GT-1-8s-1983/372802454794?hash=item56ccc2050a:g:KF8AAOSw7wJdofwJ
  8. Completely agree with you there! I suspect it's being sold by someone not in the know. Does look very tidy indeed!
  9. Another vote here for matching to the dash. Looks good!
  10. ....and spotted on the M1 earlier today.
  11. It's a pity it's been modified, but I suppose it could be returned to original spec with a bit of work: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-GTE-rolling-shell/174034928130?hash=item28854a4202:g:o7QAAOSw-8hdgjXY Sorry, just noticed someone else has posted a link to the same car.
  12. It's coming along nicely! Has it been fired up as yet? or is that still to come? Definitely one of my favourite Manta's of the recent crop of restorations.
  13. Indeed it does. Very definitely the best decision! More so given it's a 75 model, and complete with the headlamp surrounds.
  14. Ha! I suspected it was yourself that bought it when I saw you had PM'd the bloke on Facebook. Looks pretty good! Presumably there's no engine & interior etc.
  15. Very nice indeed! It's a tidy looking car. Not too many Berlinetta Coupe about now.
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