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  1. You're not wrong. It's a 3.0 24V lump that's in it.
  2. Copied from a posting over on the Facebook group. This 400R was on display last weekend at a classic car display at Kirkwall up on Orkney. It was originally an GTE Exclusive. Not one I've seen previously. The owner tells me it was converted in Fife. Looks very nice!
  3. Pretty sure the oval tailpipe was only introduced on the 87MY GTE's (same as that fitted to the D plate Exclusives) which I've read somewhere recently was a Jetex system. The tailpipe had a semi-matt black finish. So that would be D plate and perhaps some late C plate cars. Before that it was just the boring round exhaust straight out the rear. Looks very similar to the one here:
  4. Nice work! Quite a transformation! That rear spoiler was in a bit of a mess!
  5. Is this what you are after: https://www.eastkenttrimsupplies.com/sunroof-seal-c2x21206160
  6. From Facebook. (Mantasrme on here) https://mantaclub.org/profile/26-mantasrme/
  7. I think the side indicators were only added in 1986, due to a change in the law re same.
  8. Spot-on Mike. They should indeed. I suspect it's had replacement wings fitted and the holes for the indicators were drilled in the wrong position.
  9. Ah! That makes more sense! Thanks! Given you have a decent sunroof, I'd be tempted just to keep it as is after some TLC. Being an Exclusive, it would keep its originality etc.
  10. Good stuff Ian! Can't help think it would have been better/less hassle to have done the underside before painting the topside?
  11. Would be cheaper and a lot easier just to fit a Clio glass sunroof. I think we've seen far worse sunroofs than this one. That foam being one of the major causes of corrosion. What's the 3rd from last photo above showing. Can't quite figure it out. Was the plastic-paint stuff just applied over the bits above the fuel flap or have you been sanding/rubbing it? Just curious.
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