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  1. Thanks again Jess, I put out a request for info on doing the conversion to the Z20let engine with the Rx8 gearbox but had very limited useful info. I see a guy called TaylorBlue on here did some back in 2016 but there seems to be only limited info and a couple of pics(would be nice to get in touch with him if anyone can help!). I was going to fit the 1.8 sump, mounts and even considered a Getrag gearbox but after seeing that it is all like hens teeth to get hold of and commands a high price, plus hard to get gearbox rebuild parts etc etc I have decided on the Mazda option and run the Z20let upwright as it is in the Astras and use a custon made sump instead of canting it over to use the 1.8 part.I have the adapter plate to do this but thanks for the offer, any other info or offer of parts that could help would be much appreciated. Cheers mate Frank
  2. Thanks Jess, Some very useful info just in those pics!, Cheers mate, Frank
  3. Hi All, some advice needed with my Manta B 400R build please. I am looking to fit the Z20let engine with Mazda RX8 6 speed gearbox. I have found the adapter plate for this but there are 2 available, one keeps the engine upright and the other leans it over by 7 degrees apparently to fit the 1.8 sump. What is the option to go for? I have been told (Thanks Joey) that to clear the cross member I will need the 1.8 sump. I am sure that loads of people have fitted the z20let into a Manta and I would very much appreciate if I could get in touch with someone for help and advice with all the technical changes and parts necessary for the conversion. If you can help me please drop me a message. Many Thanks in advance Frank.
  4. Hi Carl, Thanks mate for the offer but just got a mint one from Scud, sorry should have closed this request.. cheers Frank
  5. Anybody got a good Manta B bonnet forsale? I'll pay a good price and arrange collection for a good panel. Thanks Frank
  6. Do these engines fit the Opel Manta? if so what mods are needed? would probably give a good power increase over the standard motor if they are not tooo much trouble to fit. Frank.
  7. Can anyone help me with a set of quad light surrounds for a Manta B, or even info on where to purchase/best units. I don't know if they require a steel pressed backing plate that holds the light adjusters as on most other cars with twin light fitment? but if so I will need these also. Thanks Frank
  8. Hi Guys, I may be being a bit dumb but what is that grill? is it a standard fit or limited edition or aftermarket part? cheers Frank
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