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  1. And no matter what who you contact you can be sure of one thing......cheap and Manta A parts don't come in the same sentence. You could try http://www.midlandclassicparts.co.uk/ if you have a look at their list they have some stuff, it might be save you a few quid.
  2. Not got an A but i do have 2 'B' Coupes, ones a 2.5GS and the other a 2.8 GS/E...........sadly the GS/E is i think beyond saving, so the GS is going to get my attention, when i eventually get a chance to check her out properly.
  3. As much as she looks good here for me is my gripe with the car. In the pic below you can see a GT which has a passing likeness for the GT you've seen.........thing is it is actually the same car....and hence why i think she should be original. When the club was approached for nice GT, i got the call and the car was collected by a transporter a taken from Lincoln at 4am to London for a days photo-shoot. Some 15hrs later she was put back on the transporter and we started the journey home. After about an hours driving the driver proceeded to fall asleep at the wheel, a couple of nudges by me and i persuaded him to pull over and i drove the transporter the rest of the way home. So for me, she should look like she does in the pics.....for me it's a bit sad.
  4. Should have looked a bit like this? Not my car, well at least not any more. I owned this about 10yrs ago and at the time i'm pleased to say that she didn't have the number or strips......just all original apart from the Engelmanns. I also converted her from a 3speed auto to a 5speed Getrag. I think she's had at least 3owners since i had her.
  5. Spotted an 'L' reg A series today whilst i was driving back from Rufford Park (Nottinghamshire) towards Newark. Looked like a young couple (20/30's) having a nice Sunday afternoon drive......and the Manta looked like a nice example too, made me want to be out in the GT.
  6. The wheels are either TSW Hockenheim or Hockenheim R's. I used to have a set on my Supercharged Golf.
  7. Cheers for the comments guys. When the new owner came to see her yesterday all he kept saying was, 'Wow'. Thankfully after a few minutes he also added that he exceeded all his expectations and so this left me feeling pretty happy. It's not a full time business as such, but as i've been involved in GT's for 20yrs+ it's a car i've come to know pretty well. I also have a few of them put aside as future 'builds' and will be looking to start the next one soon. In addition to that i also do a bit of trading, primarily modern German and classics. As for the cost, well i'm sure you'll appreciate that it's private transaction, but as this is the only Turbo CIH GT in the Uk, the owner is really happy with the price paid BTW......if you want one converting to RHD, then no problem, but obviously it's going to cost a little more
  8. This is a project i've been working on for the last year. She's a GT running a CIH Turbo motor, with Getrag 5speed box. The interior has been fully retrimmed with retrimmed Recaros, she has highly polished ATS Cups, a Lenk exhaust, new chrome work and she's just about to have a stereo installation (Blaupunkt CD player, electrical ariel) and electric windows. She goes for a final tune up and polish this week, i'll then be fitting new badges and a pair of CHROMED Englemanns and i'll then be delivering her to her new owner next weekend. What you think?.........and anyone want a GT building to spec?
  9. Cheers for the comments. I thought it was worth the risk when Katrina posted me a load of extra pictures, if you could PM a method to get the photobucket pics you have that would be good. I know Johnny5 was thinking on it, but it came to the point of either trying to forget it or to just take the plunge.........hopefully in a couple of months i'll be glad i did, i'm sure i will
  10. Use photobucket to upload your pics and then use the IMG to load them on the club site. If you get stuck PM me No way can you mention a Kadett Coupe with Redtop and not post pics.
  11. Rob......well spotted that man. 'Yes' she is the one from London and on the whole as sold as she looks. To give you an idea the nose cone, both inner and outer is free from any marks, the area around the head light cowls are spotless. Chassis rails look excellent as do the A pillers......i think having spent most of her life garaged has definately helped. I noticed the original post had also gone, don't know why ? I hope to have her sorted quite quickly, but don't know if she'll be at Billing. The only reason for this is because I'm commited to taking my GT. I have been told to fit a towbar to the Hatch, but i don't know if i want to do that too her.....and before anyone asks......'NO, I'm not putting one on the GT either.'
  12. Despite being a GT man primarily i decided last week that i really needed a 'family' orientated Opel. I missed out on a Commodore and having seen this in the Classified's section i decided it would be rude not to. Several emails to the present owner and pictures offered in addition to those on the For Sale advert and i thought it would be nice to have an 7hr round trip and collected her yesterday. Service items have been purchased and the old fuel will be drained at the weekend and hopefully she'll burst into life. Next week i have the paint shop assessing her and hopefully before too long she'll be looking fresh. As you can see the interior needs a bit of a valet, but with 49k and 1 Family owning from new, i decided this was not to be missed, what you think?
  13. Take it you've seen the Bitter too! Shame it's now such a shed, the guy simply refuses to sell it. Let me know where the meet is, i may get the toy out.
  14. Oh Balls! I knew that B600 OEA was pretty special but when it comes down to it, I think she was way beyond my capabilities and with other projects pressing I made the decision to let her go.....anyway I have a pretty special car sat in my garage (this is Tony Falls, ex DOT team bosses own car and was then built to show spec by Opel Classics) so I'm not too worried. Mark
  15. B600 OEA was my car for a short while last year and unfortunately I had to sell her due to a number of other projects (Opel GT's) and because I felt that her condition was such than it was more than I could manage, she basically had a v. bad case of tin worm, but apart from that was very much complete, although she didn't have the multi-spoked alloys any more. Mechanically she was also an unknow quantity although the guys I bought her off confirmed that Jerry Johnston (DTV fame) had carried out an engine rebuild at some point in the pasted, though she hadn't run for 10yrs and so I didn't want to risk just firing her up. Interior was still in VGC and the arches etc were generally fine. I kind of regret selling her, but I'm a GT man really and so I sold her on the Steve Titmus (titsonrallying) and I think he may have since sold her on to a chap in Ireland. I'm sure someone will put her back to her original state, and unfortunately despite looking through my on-line photo album I can't find any pics of her. At least the history continues on though. Mark
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