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  1. Hi. I was looking at GM's Aussie website and it features the Manta. http://media.gm.com/media/au/en/opel/photos.detail.html/content/Pages/galleries/au/en/opel/history/history_1970-1979.html Steve
  2. Hi. That's a fine looking example of a great car. Congrats on the work you have done. Perhaps you can PM or email me the lady's details and I'll contact her. Shame to hear of her car just rotting away when it could be enjoying the sunshine in New Zealand. Thanks for sharing. Steve
  3. Hi. I found it here: https://goo.gl/images/wJjKjp During a google search.... Let me know if you would like it removed from my blog.
  4. Here is my Opel Manta story: http://www.stevehart.co.nz/dreaming-of-a-1973-opel-manta/ Hope you enjoy it.
  5. Oh, OK. Maybe my memory is playing tricks. But for clarification - this looks like the model I used to own (and the colour). So am after something like this: http://germancarsforsaleblog.com/1973-opel-manta-blue-max/ Although my one had vinyl interior/seats. Cheers.
  6. Thanks for replying. I used to live in London and owned one these in 1982/3 - metallic sky blue, a real beaut. Second-hand of course, but the engine was a pig even with a new carb. Had to let it go in the end, but really fancy the idea of owning one again. Been in New Zealand for 15 years and have never seen one on the road, friends in Aussie are keeping an eye out too. They were sold in Aussie. So I'm putting it out there, who knows.... Cheers. Steve.
  7. Hi. Have just joined the forum... I am on the lookout for a 1973/4 Manta GTE - let me know if you see one for sale. Many thanks, Steve
  8. Hi. Have just joined the forum - so hi to all members. I am on the lookout for a 1974 Manta GTE - let me know if you see one for sale. Many thanks, Steve
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