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  1. Looks a good buy that Mick....., im going LS V8👍🏻 Lee
  2. Hi stu cant you see the link I put up ? cheers Lee
  3. Unfortunately no logbook id with the Jag Engined manta....
  4. No way I'd have saved that shell.... oh well the hunt continues. thanks anyway Philip
  5. I don't think anyone minds paying top dollar if the car is a top car as such, but when people are wanting thousands for cars that are needing part to full resto's it's a joke. But then I suppose it's enthusiast vs Dealer... I'd like to think most people who buy a project are in it for the love of the car and not just a money making exercise...! lee
  6. Hi Terry Dont go out your way mate but if its possible that would be great. I'm in a little village between the Humber bridge and Brigg in North Lincs. Travelling is not a prob for the right car. appreciate you thinking of me pal cheers Lee
  7. Your teasing me Philip..lol im here to save one if you need the space, not fussed how stripped they are as I'm doing a complete strip down,fix and build back up into a 400 rep. lee
  8. Hi Terry its my 2nd attempt at rescuing a manta, I bought one off a member on here around 2005. It was a Gte exclusive coupe in electric blue. Anyway Kids still at home and working away I never got to start my 400 Rep I've wanted since the 80's. Now retired at 45 ,no kids at home and lotsa time I'm gunna do it now👍🏻. I've read your project thread and seems ideal for what I would want to start with. Not an easy decision for you mate, but thanks for first dibs if you do have to get shut. im gunna sign up..! cheers lee
  9. Ooooh just searched and it's a coupe..... if you do have to get shut please gimme a shout Terry, I can't find owt anywhere at the moment. Even got a pal searching in Europe as he works out their all the time. Have you any pics, I can't see the ones you posted as I'm not a full member. cheers lee
  10. Damn, if that was a coupe I'd be all over it, excellent start for someone!
  11. Hi all joined ther forum years ago when I had 2 manta b coupes. Now kids have left I'm wanting to get back in the saddle with another coupe. Im after a shell rolling or not as I'm fancying a 400 rep. Plenty of time and space as I've retired at 40👍🏻. If anyone knows of anything please gimme a shout. Cheers Lee
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