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  1. I’d love to ask but would hate the disappointment more........
  2. As above I’m looking for the Exclusive rear spoiler , Very greatfull for all the help and advice I’ve been getting off the site , but I’m nearly there with my foraging for parts ... Any recommendations on sellers would be appreciated thanks in advance. 👍🏽
  3. I have ben looking around for a Exclusive Rear Spoiler and a Rear Bumper . Just wonder where to go for best fit and service.....!! All help comments + appreciated
  4. Thanks very much for the advice help and info as always it’s a great Club for advice from members.... It’s the Great Members that make the club.. .
  5. As above I’m looking for an lsd for my Manta would really like to buy one and fit it, not looking to modify it, any information or help would be appreciated Thanks .👍🏽
  6. Whats a non sunroof skin worth..!!
  7. This arrived this week Thanks again Mike for you help just need to find the rubber that goes around the bezel..
  8. Thanks for that Mike that's a great 👍 help. Top Man
  9. Mike sorry for this now but I took screen shots of the pic's you put up for me and my phone went for a swim last weekend an I lost your pics with the info any chance you could stick em back up again please, I'm going to ring them on Monday .👍
  10. Been looking for new globes and cant find anything online only in Germany, It will work but these headlights are for Continental Europe. So they dim the other way around. Only inner headlights are OK as it is high beam only. Mouse over image to zoom Have one to sell? Sell it yourself Opel Manta A B GSI GTE 2000 Scheinwerfer Světlo Headlights Neu Kit Set So who can help me Now Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks very much Danny, Ths is why I joined the OMOC solild advice and help , it's my first Mant an I haven't had many experiences with them in the past. I previously had Twin Cams and Nissan 180's. So I will be hoping to get plenty of help and advice off the site. Thanks again in advance..... Thanks Mantasrme excellent help my set are the first set they have Irmscher stamped on them it's the globes have rust on the tabs for adjusting them and the adjusters are a bit used an crap ....
  12. Hello I have resently bought Gte Coupe and the lights are broken an unusable I found some twin lights online and bought them bud I'm missing the surround rubber and a fitting brackets , I found the first picture online this is the mounting bracket I think I'm missing . Can this be got anywhere or what is the correct name for it .....!!!!
  13. Hello just wondering if anyone can help me i need the bracket that holds the lights to the car, where can it be got ............????? This is the only picture i could find of one on the net...
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