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  1. Cheers for that info david I checked my head tonight and no signs of any letters stamped. I also phoned the engineering shop I would use to rework the head and they are quoting £60/70 per valve to replace the valve seats for unleaded. So I think that options priced out. For the power the cih engine has id rather spend the money on an improvement engine swap I think. But I’ll have a think and see what’s best. An engine swap sounds like a lot of hassle I’ve not really got time for.
  2. I will check on the head but my friend had this car from almost new and he always ran it on 4 star. I’m keen to get the head off and do a clean up. Re grind valves etc. Won’t do it any harm. And not exactly busy in the evening at the moment.
  3. Cheers for that info. Another option. what do I need to modify on the audi discs ? whichever calipers I go for they will be new. I don’t want second hand units. This will be the first and last tIme I touch the brakes for a while. So want as little hassle as possible. my originals are the 2 pot calipers. But I really would prefer vented discs. I only use the car on sunny days but I do drive it fairly hard when the roads allow. just about to remove the head too. It’s never been upgraded to unleaded and the stem seals are starting to show some signs of wear. cheers
  4. hi everyone. I’ve got an 85 GTE COUPE. A friend of mine owned it for 30 years and I’ve had it for 3 years. ive changed every part of the suspension and it drives great. Only thing that lets it down for me is the brakes are bad. And the discs are warped. my friend has never replaced the callipers only rebuilding them once about 20 plus years ago. ive considered the Wilwood 4 pot upgrade but its expensive at around £580 inc pads. I reckon I can do the Volvo 240 4 pot callipers with Carlton discs for around £250 max. can anyone advise if the wilwoods are worth an extra £300. And will I notice much difference between standard and Volvo setup ? ive put some images of what I think are the correct discs and calipers. If anyone can advise I’d greatly appreciate it. cheers david https://imgur.com/a/R1Z8wii
  5. Im looking for an original unit for my manta. It has a ford unit in now which is period but its not original. If you have anything please let me know. The radio is the only thing in the interior i would like to change eventually.
  6. I hope you are right.haha Cheers for putting the pics on Brian.
  7. Thanks for all the help after looking over he car now it's structure is solid. However there are signs of rust in certain places. Starting on the arches and also front wings but that Said its 32 years old and still looks great. Maybe if I can get to meet some of you guys then I can get advice on what to do in the future with it to preserve it as best I can. It's totally original just now. But if it meant keeping it on the road for another 30 years and I had to replace panels I will eventually put a plan in place for that but right now it's here to be driven. Years back my friend took wings off door cards etc and wax oiled the whole car. He was a rolls Royce air craft engineer for his whole life hence it's been well looked after.
  8. I will do Brian. Got the car tonight. Over the moon. Its in great condition for the age and never been welded not had an advisory for any welding. Ive got every mot and a 30 year old log book. If i could figure out how to post pics i would.....???
  9. Luckily i have a big garage which will now be full. It won't be seeing any water. Unless i decide to wash it. And it probably won't get dirty. Will be more of a dust required. Haha Post up pics tomorrow.
  10. Recently i posted a question for some tech advise on this forum. At the time i was trying to help out an old friend who has owned his White Manta GTE for 30 years since it was just 2 years old. Its been garaged all its life and is solid and in great condition 85k miles. Further to that the car has only done 1000 miles in the last ten years but has every MOT and receipt to come with. Out of the blue my friend has shockingly decided its time to move the car on for various reasons and knowing that i loved his car so much has offered me first chance of buying the car. So on friday night i will take ownership of it. I can't wait. He is an owners club member though never been to an event and doesn't have internet. Hard to believe but true. He is truly old school. My intention is to use the car on sunny days and go to various shows and events throughout the summer. I also have a peugeot 205 gti 1.9 which I'm currently rebuilding the engine on and this will give me some time to finish that properly now as i can drive the manta. I will post some pics on Friday when i get the car. But i will look forward to driving and showing the car off. Especially up in Glasgow where i stay as i couldn't say the last time i even seen one on the road or at a show. Will post some pics when i can . Cheers David ps its a B reg Coupe incase anyone was wondering.
  11. I was thinking that if it was a cable issue it would at least be a consistent problem. Is there anywhere that can repair such instruments on these cars. Ive had my digital dash repaired on my mk1 Audi TT when the pixels went but i don't know if they would touch something like this being so old now.....
  12. Gives me a couple of ideas of things to check. To be fair the gearbox hasn't been touched in about 20 years. So it could be something simple. I hope. Cheers
  13. Ok ill do that. I just found it strange it went up and then stayed there. Would it expect it to work or not work if you know what i mean. Ill disconnect both ends and have a look. Just need a dry day.....
  14. Hi All, I'm looking to see if anyone has any ideas on this. Ive got a 2.0 GTE coupe B series. The car doesn't get out much but drives great. Unfortunately the speedo has just started playing up and is intermittently sticking at maybe 40mph even when the car isn't moving. Then it doesn't seem to be reading the correct speed either. I know the car from the rpms and it just isn't right. Before i go poking around i wondered if anyone has any tips, maybe a cable or something but I'm not sure where to start. Any help appreciated.
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