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  1. Hi,still cant get manta to run, I have new pump that is pumping well,I have feed and return correct way round,I have checked timing,I have changed fuel pressure reg,I have changed injector control module,I have a good spark at each plug,I have put a new fuel pump relay on,The car will fire once then it wont fire again,were do injectors get there signal to inject fuel from as it seems to be starved of fuel after initial fire.can any body give me any more advice this would be much appreciated as shows are coming and manta still not running.GT/E 2.0 1985 HATCH Thanks
  2. Hi,so you are saying that the fuel feed to injectors is the lower pipe not the higher pipe to the regulator, cheers for that.
  3. Hi,at final stages of getting my manta running,cant get fuel pump to run of ignition,will run continuously if I connect 30 with 87b with ignition off,pump ok, green positive brown negative.i suspect relay can you give me any further advice.Thanks mark.
  4. HI, what condition are they in, and how much including postage Thanks, how would you want paying
  5. thanks a lot just bought 2 from this site,bargain
  6. I require brake cylinders for my manta gte can anyone put me on to a suplier
  7. anyone know of a sender unit.Cheers
  8. anybody recommend a supplier of front springs for my 85 GTE.Cheers
  9. HI, just rang got tank booked in very reasonable on price, thanks again.
  10. Thanks for that, I will ring them today.
  11. Hi all, just found a 1985 GTE hatch in a garage that was in need of a new life, so I had to have it, I am not that familiar with using forums so bare with me.My last project was a triumph stag, I also own a Capri, cant wait to here the manta run again. Hopefully with your help and advice it wont be to long. Mark
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