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  1. My Manta is a 1986 one with H4 bulbs and Bosch Headlights . Both reflectors were gone. I found two NEW reflectors cheap cause there weren't for H4 bulbs I stripped everything apart and i removed the h4 bulb holder from my old reflectors and placed it to the new reflector. You need patience and precision its not an easy job. I also cleaned them and paint the front piece... Now the outcome is like New headlights with a sharp strait cut line when light hits the wall . Search the FB page i have uploaded many pictures from the process
  2. Is the one with part number : 6N1 819 021 ???
  3. I think that reflectors are not sided... When i fully reconditioned mine using new old stock reflectors had not this issue ! I have adjusted them and they are fine !
  4. No .. it has to do with the glass.
  5. I have come across others cheaper on ebay ! But i do not know if will fit the Recaro Opel style . Check these ebay codes : 332113090976 223061924749 Are these good for us ?
  6. Maybe it would be better to trim the rear heater box so to can fit the standart radio DIN sized I have a Blaupunkt Bremen SQR49 the top model of 1989 so i will trim the heaterbox to have it placed correctly
  7. Hi there ! I would like to sent me some photos of your mod on the heaterbox so to fit the standart DIN radio 18 cm deep
    Can you please sent me these to Dimpas@hotmail.com ?
    I need these ( and your advice) so to make the same mod...

  8. Hm.... and where can we buy new ones ? Not original but same color same size same font ?
  9. I really like to see these photos !
  10. Any news - photos of your project Spitandpolish ?
  11. Would like to have some of these if availiable. and i will pay postage to Greece.
  12. Please sent me the Tracking number ! I will try to trace them here from the local post office. Then, if i cannot find them i will accept the full refund. Believe me one is for me and the 2 other are gifts for my two close friends, so i better have the calendars than the money.
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