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  1. Is this still available?
  2. No I have two gte coupes a white one and red one. Breaking the red one but putting a 4.4 v8 in the white one. Something a little different.
  3. I know what you mean with this post. I'm 26 and always been into classic vauxhall/opel cars. Bought my first manta a few months ago misses wasn't happy then. To top it off when I told her I was going to Somerset last weekend to pick another one up world war 3 erupted. Didn't stop me from travelling from saltburn to cheddar gorge to buy the second one. Women just don't understand that new cars are boring to drive. She pushed me to buy a new ish family car so I bought an E60 5 series bmw. The cars to comfortable for my liking. She won't even drive it, should of not listened to her and bought the mk2 cavalier sri I was intending to but but my life wouldn't of been worth living. Ha
  4. Exactly 6 doors a few bumpers loads of trim bits with the car. Can't wait to go pick it up.
  5. I've just bought the red coupe with the plant growing through it. If you had read the description it has had the floor pans removed. Comes with few extras in my eyes was a good buy. I've got two gte coupes now. The way I see it some people can't see beyond the rust some good parts with the car that are worth buying.
  6. For some reason it won't let me upload pictures says error 200.
  7. Hi was just wondering if anyone knew any history of the manta I recently purchased. Reg no E365GRG. Has an opel manta owners club sticker in the rear window. Cheers.
  8. That what my plan was i have use of a laser cnc machine at work, was going to draw the sides of the swan necks on a CAD drawing and laser them out of 3mm. Then try make my own.
  9. Thanks i will have a look at there site,need pretty much a full front end wings, bonnet, full front panel, swan necks ect. Really need some sort of jig to keep the car straight while carrying out the work.
  10. Hi iv just bought a manta as a project. The car is a white manta gte coupe, the car is very rotten. I joined today as i am hopeing some of you can help me with advise and places where i can purchase parts to help me with my build. When iget chance i will upload some photos of the car. Cheers kyle.
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