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  1. Hi all, need a distributor for my xe conversion, the one I have is part number JHFU4 0237021019 but unfortunately it’s knackered. Does anyone have one? Cheers
  2. Hi all I'm after a mounting bracket to fit a manta distributor to an xe, any out there?
  3. Is there any way to strengthen the getrag 240 box to handle more power?
  4. I have a Manta getrag box to use, I do still have the hydraulic clutch box that was on the engine but I don't really want to alter the tunnel on the Chevette to get it to fit, also means no hydraulic clutch and speedo mods. Not sure if this an R25 or R28. I'm assuming the R25 Carlton box has the same size bell housing? I also managed to find a prop from a Manta B auto which is the correct length for the getrag/manta axle setup on a Chevette, so would be nice to get an axle from a Manta rather than a 4HA or something else, although they're stronger(?) I'm not planning on going above 200bhp any time soon.. can you get stronger internals for the getrag box?
  5. This is actually for a Chevette project, which is why the width is important (thanks @mantasrme for all those measurements, very useful!) unfortunately I’m finding it hard to find any A series axles in the uk, which is why I turned to German Ebay.. looks like the big axle will be the safest bet if you think the v6 will be too much for the small one
  6. Ok so I am looking at running a x25xe through it (170bhpish) so am just wondering if the smaller diff could handle it or I'd need to go for the 'bigger' 1.9 diff?
  7. So the bigger diff that came on the 1900 manta a/manta b is capable of handling more power? What are the power handling differences between the small axle and the big axle?
  8. Ah ok, what will this mean in terms of power handling?
  9. I thought the LSDs must be a rarity! Thats great though, cheers for the info
  10. I’ve found two for sale on German Ebay, one labelled as a small from a 1600 and one as a big from a 1900. I’ve also spoken to someone in the uk about a rear disc conversion who asked if I was getting the big or small axle. I’m mostly concerned about any difference in the width but it would be good to know if anything else is different, particularly if one has a lsd 😁 Here are the eBay links https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132500542509 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132500545269
  11. Hi all, does anyone know the difference between the Manta A series 'small' and 'big' axles? And what kind of power they can each handle? Thanks for any help!
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