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  1. rear gte seats (two tone gray) and headliner kit required
  2. Have actual been on this site for a while, I have owned several mantas in my early years my first was a manta berlinetta with chrome all around, sold the last one to raise deposit for mortgage, in a fit of nostalga went and purchased an unfinished project six months ago, seller advised as to some of the task that needed finishing, was not able to visit but shipped her down from manchester to surrey on a punt, a lot of work had been done but to a second rate standard, so i pulled her apart and have slowly been putting her back together correctly, over the last six months, with a few extra mods, she is fitted with a Cav SRi block, rear discs and power steering, just had new sills fitted and am ready to do the interior, need to track down some rear gte seats and some one who car supply a headliner for the car, have taken pictures and will unload when i have time.
  3. Hi guys Can anyone help me, I am after a set of rear seats for a GTE, two tone gray, if any one can help please contact me on this site. manta passion
  4. Does anyone have a set of rear seats for the manta GTE exclusive, the two tone gray in valour with red piping, if you can help please contact me via this site. Micheal
  5. Just commissioned a build of a new headliner for Opel Manta B coupe, if any one is interested as i am building this from an original pattern. if you are interested please advise, the same to assemble one as many, this will be a purpose made item for this car and will initially be in white, but will be available in other colours depending on interest. If you are interested please advise so that i can place a bulk order, the cost will depend on the amount of items required. Michael
  6. hi mate tried to send a email but Mr Carlos is not listed, any info so that i can contact him will be good sorry to be a nuisance michael
  7. This is a 84 plate car, there is a plastic slide mount insert for the front bumper that secures this to the wings, any advise michael
  8. Hi mate you will never grow out of mantas, if put together right this is still worth investing 7K, Just paid 3K for a manta that needs lots of work, not all mantas are put together correctly, they look good on the top, but lots of hidden problems underneath, make sure the swan necks are solid, battery self has been sorted, michael
  9. purchased this car a couple of months ago, the shell is solid, this will be my 6th manta, i originally owned a belinetta with chrome all around, sadly wriiten off while parked, this was 25 years ago, I have always had a passion for my mantas and i am now in a position to own my 7th and will be rebuild this car back to 100%, some of your members have already purchased some parts from me that i did not require, i will try to post as many pictures during the rebuild, if any of you can help me track down a front bumper side mount, have three missing one. Michael
  10. Hi does any one have a front bumper fixing, have three just need the fourth.
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