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  1. UPDATE I have now bought a gearbox and mounts but still looking for a sump.
  2. Hi I am looking for a front spoiler for my Ascona, I would ideally want an original 400 one but I know this may be a hard ask so a quality copy would suffice. My car does not have the arch extensions so I need one for a standard narrow car. My car has the spoiler meant for the wide arches fitted at present but this one does not fit correctly where it returns in to the wheel arches. Any help would be much appreciated. Andy
  3. Hi I am looking for a Manta Getrag 1.8 5 Speed gearbox a sump pan and engine mounts, please make contact if you can help. Many thanks Andy
  4. Hi Does anyone know if Opel offer a service like VW whereby you can obtain original build info for your VIN number and if so how to make contact. Andy
  5. Hi and hello to all, I have an Ascona 400 which I am just starting to put back together after being of the road for 24 years (had it approx 27/28 years) Looking forward to having dialog with fellow Opel enthusiasts. Andy
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