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  1. Hi The small seal on the master cylinder “cap” has come out but won’t relocate ( the seal in the centre) Is there a knack to refitting it or can I buy a repair rubber . Thanks David
  2. Hi yet again So as before I changed all the Brake pipes , solid and rubber and had the calipers rebuilt .Not a single problem except the two M10 pipe connections on the new wheel cylinders leaked .Fitted replacement pipes and fittings off the guy on eBay . Nice bloke and quality work . Now they are weeping again ! Im thinking it’s the seating in the wheel cylinders as every pipe fitting looked good and and all the rest are perfect with no leaks . Im therefore going to replace the cylinders and fit a third set of rear pipes . My original cylinders were quite chunky with a heavy casting and the replacement ones from Autodoc were slimmer in design . To avoid more problems does anybody know what make of cylinders I should be buying that match the more bulky design of the originals . I’m thinking I was just sold a duff set of cheap rubbish and as usual Autodoc are not at all helpful . If I can fix the brakes the next job is painting the car in and out as Epoxy grey is starting to look permanent because of hold ups with dodger parts . All your previous help has been great Thanks guys David
  3. Hi All Yes it’s an auto so explains the vacuum pipe to gearbox which I think I’ve got right . I will check the other connections tomorrow . Its a Webber carb so the Manual shows a couple but not all the pipes . I will have another look tomo but it starts on the button ( single flick on the key ) runs , drives and changes gear ok so getting there . Bit of a reverse gear selection clunk but the idle speed is a bit high so think that’s the cause . Otherwise getting through the list of issues after 25 years in a garden .After doing loads of welding , panel changes ( rear quarter !!) and bodywork I don’t mind a few hose problems when I can ask for help Thank you all again for taking the time to help ! David
  4. Hi Thanks for all the previous help I didn’t pay attention to where all the damaged and missing vacuum hoses went in my 2.0 Berlinetta with a Weber carb . 1- There is a vacuum connection on the carburettor body down near the inlet manifold . I assume this runs the advance and retard on the distributer ? 2- The vacuum hose Union on the servo pipe has two connections . I think the LH connection as you face it connects to the rigid pipe coming up from behind the rear of the engine . Not sure what this pipe does . 3- The other connection RHS I believe connects to a rubber pipe going to the rocker housing vent hole 4- Air filter box . I have connected the hose between the actuator and the flap . There is another shorter hose that by shape drops downwards from the air filter box but I have nowhere to connect it . Hence I’m wrong somewhere . Could anybody assist please ? Happy to say I sorted out my leaking rear wheel cylinders . It was the dodger Autodoc bleed nipples that leaked when one man bleeding so I went back to two people bleed and it prevented sucking in air . Dave
  5. Hi I need a brake equaliser valve for a 79 Manta but am told a later 82 on unit is more reliable I’m open to replacing the original style of unit or the later provided I don’t need to alter the pipe configuration that much as I’ve just changed all the rigid brake pipes. That said beggars can’t be choosers . thanks Dave
  6. Hi Now managed to rebuild the brake system on my 79 2.0s However I noticed that there is some sort of valve or fitting tapped into the body of the equalisation valve on the bulkhead side .Its a bit like a recessed hex fitting with what resembled a valve stem partially sticking out . i wiped out all the grime to notice a rubber seal that had disintegrated . Please tell me this is not a moving part that now needs a rebuild or alternatively will lead to brake failure . I have left the brake pressed on for a while and the calipers and drums lock off ok and release when you depress the pedal . None of the new unions leak so all is good . However is there going to be a problem with the brake equaliser and this rubber seal . Is it a moving part and do I need a new seal that probably isn’t available ? Anybody know the answer ? Thanks
  7. Dave1958


    hi Yes I did bleed up the rear first and they seemed air free on both sides Then I did the fronts without a problem with no air bubbles at all I then checked the back again and had the problem . I wanted to order on line as I wouldn’t know where to buy them . Main dealers won’t look without a part number and just say they have no records . They don’t rock when tightened off so they seat fine .
  8. Dave1958


    Hi i having trouble bleeding down my new Cooper Brake lines . The front calipers bled down very easily and the the discs lock when you Brake . The new rear wheel cylinders won’t bleed down but there are no leaks anywhere on the system . The Autodoc wheel cylinders have long bleed nipples that once slackened off seem to rock when bleeding . I only turned them a half turn to bleed them but they definitely rock . have I bought rubbish cylinders or can I replace the nipple with a better product . What size and thread would I buy ? Not keen on Autodoc as there is always a problem with their parts . Thanks Dave
  9. Hi everybody thank you for the help David
  10. Anybody know the OEM reference for the above oil filter . Its 3/4 UNF but Autodoc sold me a metric one ! Also I’m desperate for the gasket between the exhaust manifold and the downpipes ( not the block ) Autobox filter reference as well if anybody can help . Thank you !!
  11. Hi So an 1800 Manta must be a European model then . I wasn’t paying attention obviously to the cc’s . I forget that lot of members might have LHD cars in the UK or be members outside of the UK . Plan B is make up a manifold in 50mm flexy steel pipe or plastic and then take it ( not trailer the car) to a fabricator . Must pay more attention and not get over excited when I read the word “downpipes” dave
  12. Hi anybody know the part number for the transmission oil filter or where I can buy one ? Vauxhall don’t have part records so can’t trace the part apparently . i appreciate all the help this site provided but will probably have a few more queries in time I’m a downpipe set , transmission filter , and a repaint away from finishing my 79 Manta Coupe SR Berlinetta Auto . It won’t make Pebble Beach but it’s not bad and will increase the number of my particular model on the road to 4 .I nearly gave up but too close to quit now . last time I drove one was my Polar white 78 Coupe in 1980 followed by a brand new 84 black GTE . Good old days ! thanks dave
  13. Hi I’m stuck for a downpipe set for my 79 Manta Coupe and am told most engine variants will still fit 2.0 s Dont suppose you still have the set ? Regards david
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