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  1. Hi So an 1800 Manta must be a European model then . I wasn’t paying attention obviously to the cc’s . I forget that lot of members might have LHD cars in the UK or be members outside of the UK . Plan B is make up a manifold in 50mm flexy steel pipe or plastic and then take it ( not trailer the car) to a fabricator . Must pay more attention and not get over excited when I read the word “downpipes” dave
  2. Hi anybody know the part number for the transmission oil filter or where I can buy one ? Vauxhall don’t have part records so can’t trace the part apparently . i appreciate all the help this site provided but will probably have a few more queries in time I’m a downpipe set , transmission filter , and a repaint away from finishing my 79 Manta Coupe SR Berlinetta Auto . It won’t make Pebble Beach but it’s not bad and will increase the number of my particular model on the road to 4 .I nearly gave up but too close to quit now . last time I drove one was my Polar white 78 Coupe in 1980 followed by a brand new 84 black GTE . Good old days ! thanks dave
  3. Hi I’m stuck for a downpipe set for my 79 Manta Coupe and am told most engine variants will still fit 2.0 s Dont suppose you still have the set ? Regards david
  4. I could but would have to trailer the car to the workshop . Works out quite expensive when I’m just doing a standard restoration . I will see if a used one turns up , if not I will use a Sportex and adapt it . Next time I will know to repair the old one !! thanks
  5. Hi Thanks for your help Hopefully somebody will break one and have an exhaust that I can fit or adapt . David
  6. Hi Thanks so much for your help . Not one supplier has been able to confirm if the downpipe sets on an Auto and manual are the same and that includes Sportex and jetex I don’t have to look for an auto box set then , great . i was about to give up ! I David
  7. Hi I don’t have the downpipes as they were rotted out so I need a replacement set . Do you know if I need a specific set of downpipes to suit the autobox clearance ? Nobody seems to know if there is a difference ? If they are different then I’m looking for a rare used set and off an autobox car . I must say I’m close to selling the project on as sourcing parts is much more of a problem than I ever expected . So Auto/manual any difference in downpipe set ?
  8. Hi Manta SR Coupe 79 automatic I need a used downpipe section for a RHD car but don’t think they are available . I don’t want to swap over my existing RHD manifold in order to fit a LHD exhaust as it’s just more work and the manifold studs look well rusted in .Also not sure on steering clearance . question - is there any difference between the downpipe set on a manual car as opposed to an auto , which I have . Sportex say their downpipe set will fit a manual but not sure about an auto . Does anybody know the answer or have a used downpipe set for sale ? I’m sure somebody knows . Thanks David
  9. Hi Herman Thanks for size of bolts information . I should have measured them but derived the M9 size from a previous post on here . They are indeed M8 x 1.25 (just measured thread centres) One problem solved !!
  10. Hi 79 Manta 2.0 SR Coupe “Auto” looking much better than it did but now stuck for parts !! Anybody know where I can source replacements bolts . I had to cut the seized exhaust downpipes off my Manta and in doing so now need the 6 connecting bolts that join the exhaust to the manifold . I believe I read they are M9 x1.25 but have tried everywhere with no luck . Secondly I need the pre-silencer downpipe section as well as the old one was rotted out . If I can’t get a second hand unit would a Sportex downpipe fit ?. I have the two rear OEM boxes and can make the section in the middle .Want to keep it as close to stock as possible rather than fit a complete Sportex My last query is mine is an autobox so will the Sportex unit fit past the auto box . I’m happy to build the centre pipe section but don’t want to mess with the standard Sportex downpipe section . Any help would be appreciated David
  11. Hi Sorry didn’t understand . I have the RHD manifold on the car which runs north south on the car as you rightly say . My question is why can’t you buy a stock exhaust for a RHD car ? I assume you meant buy a LHD manifold that runs side to side . If I did do this will it fit when turned and fitted on the steering wheel side of my RHD car Just don’t understand why you can’t buy a pattern exhaust for a UK car . And the bolts are impossible to find . Any suggestions on sourcing ? Anybody got a used presilencer section that I can buy as the other boxes are obtainable as they are not handed Dave
  12. Hi I need an stock exhaust for a 79 Manta srb Coupe 100bhp) auto Every online seller seems to be in Germany and tell you that their product “should” fit a LHD or RHD . When you press them for confirmation they just say they “can’t guarantee it fits”.so I’m wasting my time I don’t want to have to change manifolds or alter a LHD unit . I also don’t really want a Sportex as I believe they are really loud and as the car is stock a 3” tail pipe would probably look a bit boy racerish ( no offence meant ) So can I source one in the UK for a RHD car ? . I also need the M9x 1.25 bolts as they either bent when they came out or snapped off ( took hours to drill 2 out ) Aprreciate any help , please David
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