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    I work in a bodyshop and hoping to take my Manta in for a freshen up. Starting my YouTube channel (youtube/Cordell smith) check me out. I'm going to start filming the Manta.
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  1. Not sure if I'm allowed to copy this item from a face book group.. Could help a fellow member.
  2. Or you could check out my thread mate. I had the same problem back in November 2018.
  3. Hiya folks. Hope every one had a good Xmas. I've been a good boy this year and didn't get a single Manta part from my wish list!! 😔 So here I am asking members if anyone has a spare Manta B coupe o/s/r wing under window moulding for sale as Santa can't be arsed!! Cheers me dears
  4. Hi folks. This week's project, upgrade the poor headlights. I've bought new headlights with upgraded bulbs. During the winter I plan on getting the headlight frames shot blasted and power coated. My problem was the headlights adjusters weren't adjusting correctly. I've looked around for new adjusters and came across some triumph adjusters which fit. Hope this help members if your struggling to? Cheers
  5. Hi there. Tricky dilemma. If I was you I would do a patch test underneath somewhere. If your lucky it may have been painted in Cellulose paint. Try some "gun wash first, it's about 90% thinner and 10% water. If the rubber talerates it but the paint won't budge try a premium thinner. It may work better if you rub down the paint with something like P180 which will creates deep enough scratches for the thinner to act. But again always do a patch test. Good luck my friend.
  6. How to get from this to this in a weekend. I had a few bodywork issues that were bugging me. Too some people not fussy like me it would be fine and wondering why? This car had to much paint on it over its long life of three colour changes so I paint stripped the front end. I need to get it to my work and get it looking like new again. This work should see it on the road for many years to come as there's not enough of these cars on the road.
  7. Just spotted your reply my friend. Do you want me to add a photo of the two components or a link to more info. For best results I would use Epoxy primer over bare steel, wait two days, then your able to put filler, stopper on top. But again a good Epoxy primer is a three component product and not from a rattle can which is a one component. Cheers.
  8. Great info. Not sure whether to say or not as I don't want to belittle your post, but if your on a budget this is fine. As a car sprayer, decent etch primers come in two separate containers. The activator which mild traces of acid to help it bind to bare steel comes in a plastic container as steel containers kills the affectivness of the activator. If you want a good etch treatment try to get a two component product. I swear by epoxy primer over bare steel Cheers
  9. Been playing with my rear lights this week. I'm going to try and make LED lights soon and these will last until then. I stripped of the carbon fibre vinyl from the rear number plate infill panel. Got better carbon fibre vinyl, recovered it and got an Irmscher sticker made up at my local car wrap company 'Carmeleon' painted clear lacquer over them both. The lacquer turned the grey carbon vinyl darker nearly matching the black Irmsher sticker... Weird. I was looking for an effect not to make the sticker stand out and I got it!!
  10. I work in a bodyshop and we have a huge chart on our wall of all the clips in colour and to scale. So you simply match your clip to the chart. Most motor factors deal with the Connect brand. It just happens that the BMW share the same size.
  11. I rang Eden Vauxhall today to check about the door card clips. They are 99p each. So my bag of 50 clips cost me £13 in stead of the £49.50.
  12. Wasn't aware they were sorry. It seems getting parts for our cars is getting harder and harder.
  13. I've been trying to find clips to hold on my door cards. My clips are getting tired and I'm fed-up having to keep tapping them back into postion. I've found these clips which fit perfectly. If you needs clips I can recommend these.
  14. Sorry for your lost mate. You've been a clever detective. I was nearly in your shoes, but nowhere near to your value. Can the club create a Web page or link shaming him, so if anyone Google him warning appear?
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