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    I work in a bodyshop and hoping to take my Manta in for a freshen up. Starting my YouTube channel (youtube/Cordell smith) check me out. I'm going to start filming the Manta.
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  1. It's the 2 pack primer, it looks like colour though. It's going to be a pearl blue. Here's the bonnet which I've painted in the finished colour.
  2. Hi all. Several weeks ago I bare metalled the body and gave it a coat of black epoxy. Today it finally got 2 pack primed. My boss is getting fed up with Manta bits everywhere.
  3. Hope your Jetex exhaust is better than mine. It was packed poorly. On opening it the bits must have been banging against each other. It was full off dents and lots of finish smashed off. I had a long drive to take back and check my replacement exhaust was good.
  4. Now that's some classy driveway machinery you have there mate.
  5. Thank you mate. I will message you. 😊
  6. Hi guys. I too am after a coupe petrol flap as a piece snapped off and it flops around now. Does anyone know the part numbers of the hatch and the coupe flap. There's a red flap on german ebay with 90 043 346. Cheers.
  7. Hi folks. On rebuilding my door I noticed I was missing the rear end buffer rubbers. I found a company who sells good repo parts. Thought I would just share with the group and hope it helps anybody
  8. Hi folks. I have a C20XE engine in my Manta B. I normally buy my petrol from Shell. I've been told rubber components used back in the day aren't designed for todays fuel and the additives used now. I had a few fuel leeks from my fuel pipes where the rubber seems to have melted? On grabbing the first screw driver I found from my tool box to loosen the jubilee clips which had a rubbery type handle, that melted too. After taking out the tank, getting it flushed. Changing all rubbers, fuel pump, regulator I struggled to get two tiny seal which fits onto the FPR. After finally finding a supplier I thought I would share to help others.
  9. Hiya Danny. Is this guy Andy Rutter on OMOC? Cheers buddy.
  10. Hiya folks. Latest project for the Manta. I've spent hours under the boot area bare metalling the underneath. As I had light surface rust starting. It's been treated. Two coats of black epoxy primed. 'Tigersealed' joints. Next job to coat it with bedliner. This all started as I was underneath fitting a new exhaust. I plan on repeat this process one area at a time. I would love to fit the body to a roll over jig and do it all at once, but it's not possible for me.
  11. Thank you for a reply so fast. Still not sure where you mean the circlup is located? Have you a diagram or anything that might help me. Cheers buddy.
  12. I hope your all enjoying your Mantas on this lovely summers Bank Holiday period. I recently bought a new gear stick gaiter for my five speed getrag gearbox. I would be greatful if someone could shed some light or wisdom to help me. Cheers.
  13. Not sure if I'm allowed to copy this item from a face book group.. Could help a fellow member.
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