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  1. I think I may have posted on the wrong page so just repeating on parts wanted. I'm struggling to find a new handbrake cable for my a series, anyone else had trouble? I've tried most factors but zilch, does anyone know where I could get one? Thanks Tom
  2. Hi folks I'm trying to find a decent petrol tank for my manta A and the sender unit. Also the chrome/ s steel trims that go along the sills. Any help greatly appreciated. Tom
  3. I completely agree Andy, after taking the head off and checking, theres no way its a viable option. so I'm on the hunt for a 1.9 or 2.0 now Thanks Andy, that sounds like the best option, the bore out isnt viable. So I'm on the look out for all the above .... Cheers
  4. Well I've got the head off and its a no go, there's no way there will be enough metal left. So...... I'm in absolute agreement with you, so its going to be a search for another motor., dont want to go the stroker route, so its 1.9 or 2.0, play around with heads cams etc. Thanks for the info Yeah thats what I meant, Took head off today and its exactly how you say, I was optimistic when I took the gasket off but feeling inside the water jacket it narrows, so there isnt enough thickness. So its keep the original engine to one side and find a 2.0 or 1.9 to play with now. Thanks for the info
  5. Yes I'm planning on fitting a 2.0 head and piper cam
  6. Ha yeah! I'll see how much metal is between the bores when I take the head off........ anything less than 20mm doesnt' leave much margin for error.
  7. Hi folks,I wanted to retain my original 1.6 engine block but looking to increase performance, I have a good set of 2.0 pistons/conrods and am about to send block for overhaul. Does anyone know if GM simply continued to bore out the original block to increase cc or were blocks cast differently to compensate for increasing bore size? Basically I'm looking to have 5mm taken out of the bore wall, is there enough metal left to take that? I cant find out if anyone has done it.I realise one option is to fit a 2.0 engine but I really want to try and retain the cars originality. Its a Manta A and I would really like to retain engine so numbers match but give it more get up and go.? Also I plan on fitting side draught carbs/ manifolds etc as these can always be taken off again and put back to look stock at any point. Any help greatly appreciated. Tom
  8. Hi Stu, and you mate, your manta is a minter, it really stood out. You and Jack fully deserved the 2 concourse class winner awards you go today. Just goes to show all that hard graft paid off. Its inspired me to get cracking on mine. It was good to meet you and I look forward to next time, take care.


    1. BIG STU

      BIG STU

      Hi Tom.

      Just wanted to let you know that the  trophies have taken pride of place  in the house.

      Good luck with your project. 

      Don't forget to  give me a shout if you  need me for anything. 

      If you still  want  the centre  cap , let me know  and I will  dig it out for you. 

      Plus I will  have a look for  the webber  carb for  you. 

      Take care and speak to you soon. 

      Stuart  and jack. 

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