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  1. You guys helped me so much in less than 24 hours so gonna try this one too. My brother was jealous of my manta so he went and bought one too. It was a white GT/E coupe D995MNS, think it had a twin headlight pack fitted but other than that was pretty stock car. Any ideas on the history of that one. DVLA says its untaxed and no MOT Even he says that JGS166Y was the better car though
  2. Guys, you've made a middle aged man very happy. That will be going to my photoshop wizard to get it sorted for a desktop wallpaper. Thats her, exactly as I remember her. Interesting they mention the bumpy ride. When I got her she was lowered and had the stock dampers replaced with bilstein all round. Also did a wee bit to the engine with a new cam, improved airflow and a janspeed exhaust with dual tailpipe. I considered the Peter Maiden 2.2 conversion but sold her before I had enough saved up. She ended her time with me after I ran her, at slow speed, into the back of a van at a roundabout. As I remember it Kool and the Gang were blasting out the Alpine stereo and the other driver said at least the radio was working. I was quoted over £1000 to repair her which was too rich for me at the time so I sold her. Subsequently saw her in and around Fife when I moved there. Oddly enough, shortly after that I owned a Lancia HPE but got rid very quickly due to corrosion. I've owned numerous other cars over the years but she was the first and the best. The stories she could tell... .
  3. Don't mind a bit of work Danny, as long as the rails and major metal work has been done.
  4. Having just today finished paying my mortgage I was thinking of buying a new car. My initial thoughts were for any one of a number of great new models from Ford, BMW, Mercedes etc but then an old photo caught my eye of a young me with my first car. It was a manta GT/E coupe. So now older middle aged me thinks it would be a good idea to try for another manta. I’m no good with welding so I would be looking for a two door GT/E or Exclusive which is already sorted and preferably on an E or F plate. There don’t seem to be many around at the moment so I’ll jeep an eye on the listings but for now I’m just asking what sort of budget would I be looking at for such a car. Thanks in advance
  5. Always wondered what happened to my first car. She was a bright red Manta GT/E coupe 2.0, registration JGS166Y. I loved that car but unfortunately being young and stupid I ran her into the back of someone and caused enough front end damage that she was too expensive for me to fix. I sold her as a project and someone must have got her back on the road because the last time I saw her was around 93 in Dunfermline, Scotland. Anyone got any info on her?
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