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  1. ok thanks a lot for the answers! now I'm not in a hurry, due to the lockdown the car and it stops for a while now i was looking for a clutch kit for my 20E with getrag gearbox and also i wanted to see were the water pipes I bought chargertech silicone hoses, but the hose kit are wrong, the diameters and lengths change despite the fact that they were for Manta B 20E on the site, have you already had experiences? ...
  2. agree thank you very much for the replies! my fault that I ignored the message on the front page thinking it was related to the meetings ... and a relief now that someone has answered me and that the manual will arrive even if late I needed to replace the clutch and with the manual I will have references on spare parts well, this discussion can be closed here, I presented my car in a dedicated section
  3. thanks for the replies! true I wrote very little on this forum, I use little internet now but I needed this purchase to finish my Manta GTE I apologize if I made the wrong section ... I bought Manta B Parts on this site on the front page with shipping costs and a sticker of the site, I received a payment receipt email that I made with Paypal on February 16, I have written many emails but have never been answered I have also written many times in the "contact us" section also here I have never received an answer ... now it is not a high cost but I absolutely needed this manual ... is there another email to write to? in the next few days I will post some photos of my Manta in the next few days I will post some photos of my Manta
  4. February 16 I paid for the opel manta B manual that I needed, we are in April nothing has arrived! but the most serious thing is that I have written various emails and messages to the assistance and no one has ever replied!
  5. helo! i'm from Italy, I have Manta GSI '87 in bad conditions, many work wait me sorry my english it's no good
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