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  1. This standard of work is why I got sacked from a job as I refused to put such patches on a vehicle ... Always got moaned at for taking too long and cutting out the rot rather than putting scabby plates over the top of rot .. It only comes back and bites you on the arse in the long run ..Do not worry Danny this is one exclusive that is going to be worth every penny when its done I will put a stamp on it people will remember and by that I mean in a good way
  2. Well after day one of stripping the front end there is some nasty patching up done so I must have this rectified to bring it back too its former glory ... Onwards and upwards
  3. Not at the minute, Just arrived and need to asses the full car. It is defiantly Monaco Blue though.
  4. Yep I am just testing the water with it.. But by the looks of it it going to be getting a full resto and better than ever :-D
  5. Er looked tidy yeah lol However, I knew just by looking at the back arches they were rough until we got stuck in to them and removed old newspapers and 3 tins of filler lol New arches on order along with new sills and to be honest the rest of the car is solid I just cant work out what went on here as they had filled over rusty patch repairs. Soon have it put right and looking how it should.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-manta-GTE/263322715193?hash=item3d4f41c439:g:WQcAAOSwywRaCv2B Looks a real nice genuine example
  7. Its got 11 months MOT and drives lovely .. Other than a repaint it will be on the market within a few weeks/ a month
  8. Just before anyone posts yes it was me with the GT on the back going up the A1/ A19
  9. I have just put it on standard springs Danny that i got from Carl as it was sat on its arse and looked hideous lol Yeah looks like the rot has been cut out but I dont think whoever welded it up was a fabricator but its undersealed and looks better than its ever done.
  10. Thanks for the compliment Evo the car is solid but sadly let down by the patchy welding hence the price. I don not think its an expensive car and hopefully it will go to the right home.
  11. Thanks for the compliment i was not greedy with it and made someone happy and that is what it's all about
  12. Yep thats the Red Berlinetta I recently sold and it went to Essex
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