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  1. Hello I'm looking for an original copy (not pdf verion) of Manta Magic Magazine from Autumn 2007. This is the edition with the Black Manta A Broadspeed Turbo replica on the front cover. If anyone has a copy they're willing to sell, would love to hear from you. I am the current owner of this car and would love to have an original copy of this edition. Thanks Kind regards Don
  2. Hi guys I've got two different seat back adjusters on my 1971 Opel Manta A and wondered which one is original. Thanks Regards Don
  3. Hi guys I need to replace the bonnet release cable in my 1971 Manta A. Unfortunately while opening the bonnet the inner wire 'came away'or broke at the opening mechanism under the bonnet resulting in the wire coming back along the outer tubing. I tried to push the wire forward again through the tubing but to no avail. So I need to replace the entire cable (outer tubing and inner wire). Any ideas where I can purchase this guys? Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thanks Kind Regards Don
  4. Hi Guys I have just purchased a Manta A and I don't have a key for the fuel cap. To make a long story short, this car was restored by Robbie Stinson about 10 years ago. I purchased it 3 weeks ago but only picked it up today. On way home I needed to top up with petrol, ignition key wouldn't work to open fuel cap, phoned garage and was told if it's not in centre console, then it's lost. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Forgot to add, this car featured on the front cover of Retro Cars Magazine in July 2013. https://pocketmags.com/eu/retro-cars-magazine/july-2013 Described on the front cover as '72 Manta A runs 2.0-litre 16v Redtop on twin carbs and Broadspeed replica parts to pay tribute to the turbo cars of old...'
  6. Hi guys Thanks for your posts and updates on the car. I've been dreaming of one day owning a Manta A. And it seems I've stumbled on quite a gem indeed thanks to Robbie Stinson and others involved in it's restoration, as mentioned by Ian above. Will be picking it up either this Friday or mid-next week. From what I understand the car has been sitting in an Opel showroom in Cork since around 2012. But it's very soon to move to it's new home here in Tipperary. Malcolm the car has Irish reg plate for past 6 or 7 years at least. (ZV Vintage number plate). I don't have the paperwork yet so still not sure if it's a 71 or 73 still. Opel garage owner told me it's a 73. I've been going back over chat history on here and seen the entries Robbie made about the restoration of the car over 10 years ago. Unfortunately the photos are no longer visible. I will try and make contact with Robbie over the next while and if unsuccessful I may get back to you Malcolm Moodoo I can imagine how Robbie's cars look, going by this car. Amazing to see photo of his showroom. I will take proper photos of the car and put them up here once I've get the car over the next week or so.
  7. Thanks guys for all your advice. I purchased the car earlier today. And yes it is definitely the car that Robbie restored (found an old letter of his still in the glove compartment). Had a good look underneath the car today and no signs of any rust. Plus it has been kept indoors too. Is Robbie Stinson still involved in restoring cars? Something a bit odd, i've been told it's a 1973 but when I check the UK reg on UK.GOV database it shows up as a 1971 Opel first registered in June 1971.
  8. I guess this must be the same car restored by Robbie Stinson then, that ye are referring to guys. So was it restored as far back as 2006/2007? I thought the Opel garage owner only purchased it around 2011 or 2012 but maybe i'm wrong. He did say that he purchased it from someone in Northern Ireland who had spent considerable time and man-hours restoring it and making it a Broadspeed Replica. Does that sound like the same car? I know some changes have been made to it over the last five years also, but it still looks great. I notice the alloys are different to the picture above. Also, I do know that a new exhaust system has been fitted. I think it had a twin exhaust when he purchased it five years ago. It's really interesting to hear some more history on the car.
  9. Thanks guys for your replies The car has actually been in an Opel garage showroom for the past 5 years. The garage owner purchased it five years ago as a Broadspeed Turbo look-a-like just to have as a showroom car. But he also wanted it as a usable road car so he had a number of things done to it over the past five years. I'm probably going to go ahead and purchase it next week. But will have a good look at it underneath before purchasing. However, because it's from an Opel garage I imagine the car is in good nick. And the garage owner said he would not sell it unless I could assure him that I'd be keeping it in a garage, which is a good sign that the car's been looked after, I think. Martin (Monaco Blue), you mention the Campagnola alloys...are those the alloys seen on the car you highlighted (Manta A D.o.t. Broadspeed Turbo Vmt 409M)?? Thanks for the links Shug.
  10. Hi guys Thanks for your replies. Really appreciate it. I'm attaching a link to photos of the car. I took it for a test drive recently and all went well. The one thing the owner did say was that the rubber seals around the drivers door will need replacing due to wind noise. Are door-seal rubbers easy to source? I did have a good look around it for rust and didn't spot any, and the owner assured me it was rust-free too. The car isn't actually publicly advertised. It was a friend of a friend who told me about the car and that the owner 'may' sell. Spoke to the owner again this afternoon about he price. Final price he'll accept is £10,480. It's not a great deal more than the one currently advertised on ebay. Link to photos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3dvtvi8McbeUndTT1FGc2tNckk Thanks Regards Don
  11. Hi everyone I don't actually own an Opel at present but am seriously considering purchasing one. About 12 months ago I happen to see an Opel Manta A at a Vintage rally and was totally impressed by the cars looks and styling. For me, it't one of the most beautiful looking vintage cars out there. I've been on the look-out for one ever since but unfortunately very few come up for sale. One did appear for sale a couple of months ago; a Maroon coloured 1973 Berlinetta but was sold before I got a chance to go and view it. It was advertised for £5,350. I now have the opportunity of purchasing a Black 1973 Opel Manta A that has been 'Retroed' as a Manta Turbo. It is in showroom condition and has a 5-speed Vauxhall Calibre red-top 2.0L engine. However, the price is more than double the previous car's price at £11,600. I don't know a lot about the value of these cars. Any views on the price? Is it too expensive? Unfortunately I can't seem to attach photos of the car on here. Thanks Don
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