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    Constitution of the Opel Manta Owners Club                                                                                     

    January 2018



    The title shall be the Opel Manta Owners Club hereafter referred to as “the OMOC” or “the Club”.

    In this Constitution words denoting the masculine gender only shall be deemed to include the feminine gender also.


    1.   Aims and Objectives

    i)          To promote the use and preservation of the Opel Manta, from the first A series to the last Exclusive.

    ii)          To encourage contact between members of the Club through organised events.

    iii)         To organise events at which members can participate.

    iv)         To be a non-profit making organization, whilst maintaining sufficient funds to produce and mail two (2) magazines per year and cover general administration of the club and all its interests.

    v)          All motor competitions organised by the Club shall be held under the rules and requirements of the RACMSA.


    2.   Opel Manta; Definition


    i)                    An Opel Manta means any car based on a Manta chassis/bodyshell; this includes the Vauxhall Cavalier Coupe and Sportshatch.

    The club also recognizes the similarity in design and construction of the Opel GT and Opel Ascona B and entry into the club concours/show and shine events is permitted for these vehicles.


    3.   Membership


    i)          Is open to anyone who owns, has owned or intends to own an Opel Manta.

    ii)          The annual membership fee shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting, on recommendation of the Committee.

    iii)        Membership fees cover all family members or partnerships for OMOC events insurance, and one magazine.

    iii)        A single or individual membership fee allows one vote at general meetings.

    iv)        A family membership fee allows two votes at general meetings.

    v)          Honorary membership can be awarded to those individuals who have shown outstanding effort for the club and/or in furthering the Manta name and image; such members not to exceed five percent (5%) of the total membership.


    3.1 Disciplinary Procedures.


    If the Committee consider that the conduct of a Club member(s) is contrary to the interests of the Club and injurious to its reputation, it may by letter invite any such member to withdraw from the Club within the time specified in such letter and in default may consider the question of his expulsion at a special meeting of the Committee to be held within one month after the date of such a letter. The member whose expulsion is under consideration shall be invited to offer an explanation of his conduct to the meeting either orally or in writing and if at the meeting two thirds of the Committee present shall vote for his expulsion, he shall thereupon cease to be a member of the Club.

    A notice under this rule shall be held to be duly given if sent by pre-paid post to the address of the member appearing in the Club records. Any person whose membership is terminated under this rule shall have no claim against the Club or any member thereof except that any unexpired portion of his subscription shall be refunded.


    4.   Decision Making


    i)          Major decisions can only be made with the democratic approval of the club's membership at the Annual General Meeting, at an Extraordinary General Meeting or by postal ballot.

    ii)          A Major decision is defined as any decision that

    iii)         Changes the Club’s Constitution. Changes to the Club Constitution shall not be made except by the decision of a two-thirds majority of the members authorised to vote, who are present or have submitted a postal ballot.

     iv)        Changes the cost of membership.

    v)         Approves any expenditure that exceeds twenty five percent (25%) of the Club’s annual revenue.

    vi)        Minor decisions can be made with Executive Officers’ approval, but in any event where such decisions are to be taken, the majority of the Executive Officers must agree.


    5.   Committee Structure


    i)             The Committee shall consist of the Officers of the Club.

    ii)            At the Annual General Meeting, Executive Officers shall be elected or re-elected. Members may hold a position for as long as they wish, as long as they are elected to that position at the AGM each year.

    iii)           Should a post be unfilled or fall vacant the Executive Officers can elect a member to hold that post until the next Annual General Meeting.

    iv)           A quorum shall consist of eight Committee members, of whom at least two shall be Executive Officers. Business shall be carried out by a simple majority of those present.

    v)           Minutes shall be kept by the Club Secretary, and approved by a majority of those present at the meeting. They shall then be published online in the members only section of the Club Web site. Written copies shall be available for inspection by members upon request at any reasonable time.

    vi)           The Executive Officers shall endeavour to meet each quarter (including the AGM), to discuss Club business (if appropriate) and to ensure the continuance of work to move the Club forward.


    6.   Committee Posts


    All positions are honorary and unpaid. The following are high level descriptions, full job descriptions are available separately.

    A separate expenses policy is made available which details the amount and nature of any reimbursement for reasonable expenses incurred by members whilst conducting club business. 


    6.1  Honorary Positions


    i)          President, an honorary and advisory position, to recognise the longest standing Chairman in the club.


    6.2  Executive Officers


    i)            Chairman, to preside over the Annual General Meeting, Extraordinary General Meetings and Committee meetings, and to coordinate and steer the actions and decisions of the Committee.

    ii)           Vice Chair, to assist the Chairman and to act on his behalf in his absence.

    iii)          Secretary, to keep the minutes of the Annual General Meeting, Extraordinary General Meetings and Committee meetings, to facilitate communication between members and answer enquiries.

    iv)          Treasurer, to control the Club’s finances and produce annual accounts.

    v)           Membership Secretary, to maintain the Club membership files.

    vi)           General Admin, to perform general administrative duties as required and to help with organization of the annual Club concours (currently held with the VBOA National Rally).


    NOTE – For reasons of conflict of interest and accountability, the position of Treasurer and Membership secretary must not be held by a single person or by two related persons or persons within the same household.


    6.3  Officers


    i)            Publicity Officer, to keep the media informed of the Club’s activities.

    ii)           Newsletter Editor; to produce a Club newsletter or magazine.

    iii)          National Events Organiser, to organise the two national meetings per year.

    iv)          International Liaison Officer, to correspond with and promote contact between the many clubs throughout the world.

    v)           Regalia Officer, to arrange production and sale of Club regalia.

    vi)          Local Area Representatives/Organisers, to coordinate local events.

    vii)         A Series Register Secretary, to maintain the register of vehicles and assist in spares and services location.

    viii)        B Series, Vauxhall Cavalier Mk 1 and Ascona Register Secretary, to maintain the register of vehicles and assist in spares and services location.

    ix)          Exclusive Register Secretary, to maintain the register of vehicles and assist in spares and services location.

    x)           Motorsport Officer, to co-ordinate and publicise motorsport based activities for the benefit of Club members.

    xi)          Technical Secretary(s), to support Club members with technical queries.

    xii)         Web Coordinator, to ensure the Web site software and hardware keeps running, and that non-forum content is updated.

    xiii)        Forum Administrator, to ensure the forum software and hardware keeps running and that the rules for users and Moderators are adhered to; however, they are not concerned with day to day content of the Forum.


    7  Annual General Meeting


    i)            Once in each calendar year, and not later than fifteen (15) months after the preceding Annual General Meeting, an Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held on a date of which not less than twenty one (21) days’ notice shall be given to members.

    ii)           A notice calling for agenda items for the AGM, with closing date, shall appear in the Club magazine and/or the club website 3 months prior to the date of meeting. The agenda shall appear in the Club magazine prior to the AGM. The meeting shall discuss only items on the agenda.

    iii)          Only fully paid-up members shall be entitled to vote at any AGM, on production of a membership card.

    iv)          At any AGM a quorum shall be not less than five percent (5%) of the total of eligible voting members.

    v)           The Chairman shall have a vote and a casting vote.


    8   Extraordinary General Meeting


    i)                    An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called by the full Committee or on receipt by the Chairman of a request for such a meeting signed by not less than fifty (50) members.

    ii)         Only fully paid-up members shall be entitled to vote at an EGM, on production of a membership card.

    iii)        At an EGM a quorum shall be not less than five percent (5%) of the total of eligible voting members.

    iv)        The Chairman shall have a vote and a casting vote.


    9    Dissolution of Club


    The Club may be dissolved by a resolution carried by three-fourths of those present and entitled to vote at an EGM called for that purpose. The Executive Officers shall then, or at such future date as specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the property of the Club. After the discharge of all liabilities the Executive Officers shall divide the remainder equally among members. Upon completion of such division, the Club shall be dissolved.



    Last Update: Paul Brennecker, Chairman.   January 2018    

    OMOC Expenses Policy 2016 v0.1.pdf

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