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Opel Manta Owners Club Forum Rules


These rules govern the use of the message board forum of the Opel Manta Owners


Club (UK) (the "Forum").


DISCLAIMER. Other than official Opel Manta Owners Club ("Club") announcements


and notices, the Club does not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or


usefulness of any message, and is not responsible for the contents of any message.


The messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the


views of the Club. Individual members remain solely responsible for the content of


their messages, and as a potential poster, you agree to indemnify and hold the Club,


the officers, Forum Administrator, Moderators and Forum sponsors harmless with


respect to any claim based upon transmission of your message(s).




Unless defined in these rules, all capitalised terms used herein are defined in the


constitution of the Club, attached hereto by reference.


1.a. Forum Administrator


The Forum Administrator manages the Moderators and is answerable to the


Executive Committee for all matters relating to the Forum. The Forum Administrator


ensures the software and hardware keeps running and that the rules for users and


Moderators are adhered to; however, they are not concerned with day to day content


of the Forum.


1.b. Moderator


Operates within the Rules for Moderators (Section 4) and ensures the Rules for


Forum Users (section 3) are complied with. The Moderators are not concerned with


the hardware and software of the Forum, they are concerned with the content. There


should be no fewer than 2 Moderators, no more than 8.




The appointment or removal of the Forum Administrator or a Moderator shall be


announced on the Forum within 24 hours of such appointment or removal.


2.a. Forum Administrator


i. The Forum Administrator is appointed by the Executive Committee, and is


answerable to the Executive Committee for all administration and moderation tasks.


The Forum Administrator may be, but is not required to be, a member and / or a


member of the Executive Committee.


ii. The Forum Administrator may be removed by the Executive Committee and a new


Forum Administrator appointed if the Forum Administrator wishes to leave the post


or if the Executive Committee believes that the actions of the Forum Administrator


are inappropriate or not in the best interests of the Club.


2.b. Moderator appointment


i. The Executive Committee shall recommend certain Club members to the Forum


Administrator from time to time for appointment as Moderators.


ii. The Forum Administrator decides whether to appoint a nominee made by the


Executive Committee in his sole discretion.


iii. The Forum Administrator can only appoint Moderators without Executive


Committee nomination in the case that there are fewer than 2 Moderators. In this


case, the Forum Administrator may only appoint Moderators up to a total of 2.


iv. The Chairman and Forum Administrator both have Moderator access to the


Forum, although neither are Moderators.


v. None of the Club committee (executive or not) is automatically a Moderator,


although committee members may be given section moderator access to areas that


are directly related to their committee post. For example, if there is finance section


on the Forum, the treasurer would be a section moderator.


vi. Moderators may request to have their Moderator access removed if they no


longer wish to be a Moderator. Such a request may not be refused and should be


actioned as soon as possible.


vii. The Forum Administrator or the Executive Committee may remove a user's


Moderator access to the forum if they believe the actions of the Moderator are


inappropriate or not in the best interests of the Club. Neither the Forum


Administrator nor the Executive Committee are required to give the Moderator prior


notice of this action.




3.a. General behaviour


Be tolerant, understanding and respectful of other people's point of view. If you


strongly disagree or are upset over somebody's posting, simply respond by stating


your point of view. Do NOT criticize, censure or ridicule others for their beliefs,


opinions or views.


We encourage you to be active in generating new threads and share your own


insights on the threads posted. We expect you to extend courtesy and respect to


your fellow posters. We would like you to engage in lively, dynamic interaction with


your fellow posters. Please be reminded that you are not to start an argument, post


a topic or message to draw angry reactions (trolling) or to insult or malign your


fellow posters. Personal attacks will NOT be tolerated. Using epithets, slurs, and


name-calling are offenses that will be dealt with immediately by the Moderators.


Flaming nor inciting others to do so will NOT be tolerated.


The use of signatures and avatars are permitted so long as they do not exceed the


maximum size as stated in the User Control Panel section.


Avoid "shouting" on posts by submitting a post that is in full CAPS. When advised by


a Moderator, you should edit such posts to remove the shouting, or you may request


a Moderator delete the post.


Chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are inappropriate on this Forum


and may be deleted immediately with no further explanation. Members who post


such schemes may be suspended from the Forum and, if they continue to post, may


be banned without any notification or warning.


3.b. Only one posting on a topic is allowed


Use the SEARCH function before posting a new thread. If Moderators find your post


to be the duplicate of another, you will be advised of such and reminded of the rules.


Repeated duplicate posts may be subject to deletion by a Moderator. In extreme


cases you may be subject to the disciplinary procedure.


3.c. Keep it clean


You agree that you will refrain from posting any message / material which is


knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing,


obscene, profane, sexually-oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or


otherwise a violation of any law; this includes personal avatars, signatures and


photos that may accompany any post. Insults and slurs made either publicly or


privately (through personal messaging) in the course of such continued discussion,


willful disregard of the rules of this Forum and ignoring the warnings and actions of a


Moderator will not be tolerated.


The Forum will automatically censor most profane words, however any text


insinuating profanity (using abbreviations, another language, leaving one or two


letters missing in the word, etc) will also be considered as profanity itself.


3.d. Ownership, copyrights and trademarks


You agree NOT to post, advertise or sale any copyrighted material without the


express written permission of the copyright owner. Proper credits must accompany


quotes or posts lifted from other sources. In the event that the Moderators find


content they believe to be plagiarized, we reserve the right to delete any without


prior notice.


3.e. Classified advertisements


The Club takes no responsibility for any transaction that takes place between


consenting parties in the Classifieds Section of the Forum. We DO NOT verify sellers


or buyers and will not intercede on either the buyer or seller's behalf. We advise all


members to use caution when conducting private transactions. Detailed guidelines on


the use of the Classifieds Section may be found in the Classifieds Section.


3.f. Access


This forum is used and maintained by the Club for its members and sponsors. As


such, visitors to this Forum who are NOT members of the Club shall be allowed


access only to certain sections of this Forum. If you have access to areas reserved


for Club members you may not copy all or partial posts from, or provide links to,


posts in such areas to users who are non-members.


3.g. Reporting offensive posts


If you feel that a posted message is objectionable you should contact a Moderator


immediately by email to moderator@mantaclub.org or PM to the "Moderators" Forum


account. If Moderators determine that removal is necessary, they will do so


immediately with or without notification to user who posted the message.


3.h. Grievances


If you disagree with the behaviour of another Forum user, you should in the first


instance "take it outside" and attempt to resolve the issue privately via PM or email


with the Forum user concerned. "Fighting" on the open Forum is not tolerated.


If you cannot resolve the issue privately, or if you have an issue with the actions of a


Moderator, you should use the following procedure to resolve the issue:


i) In the first instance, PM the "Moderators" Forum user or email


moderator@mantaclub.org. A moderator should respond within 24 hours.


ii) If the response from the Moderator is not acceptable, or there is no response


within 24 hours, PM the Forum Administrator "Admin" user or send an email to


admin@mantaclub.org. The administrator will either get a Moderator to respond (in


the case of not receiving a reply) or will arbitrate if you wish to contest the


Moderator's response.


iii) If the Forum Administrator does not resolve the issue to your satisfaction, PM or


email the Chairman. The Chairman will investigate the matter and their decision is




Posting questions or issues that should be directed to a moderator onto a Forum


thread, failure to follow this procedure to resolve an issue, or challenging the


decision of the Chairman is not allowed.


3.i. Disciplinary procedure


Users who violate these Forum rules shall be sanctioned as follows:


i) First Current Offence: notification by Moderator, appropriate "clean up" action to


be taken by violator or Moderators.


ii) Second Current Offence: 1 month suspension from the Forum and (if a Club


member) suspension from Club activities.


iii) Third Current Offence: banned from Forum, deletion of account and (if a Club


member) cancellation of membership indefinitely.


In each case, a Current Offence is a violation of the Forum rules by that user that


has occurred within the immediately preceding 6 months.




4.a. Moderate only when absolutely necessary


Forum posts do not need spelling fixes or clarifications from Moderators. Remember,


it is not your Forum any more than it belongs to any other user, so you should not


act as though you own the Forum. Moderators should strive to be invisible.


4.b. Moderate only through the Moderators user


Moderators should moderate only through the "Moderators" Forum user or by using


the moderator@mantaclub.org email alias; they should keep their own forum ID and


email address separate for normal Forum activity.


4.c. Moderate swiftly and dispassionately


Moderators should apply the Rules for Forum Users (Section 3. above) in a timely


manner, equally to all users of the Forum. Penalties in Section 3.i. above should be


applied as stated, without further leeway for friends or extra penalties for foes.


Moderators who do not moderate in a dispassionate manner will be removed and


may be banned from the Forum.


4.d. Keep Moderator discussion off the main Forum


Moderators should keep discussion amongst themselves about possible Moderator


action, and should limit it to email, PM or a section of the Forum that is accessible


only to Moderators. If Moderators cannot agree on a course of action, they should


consult the Forum Administrator and/or the Chairman for a resolution. The



Chairman's decision is final.



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