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1969 Opel GT resto


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Hi I know this isnt a manta but thought I would share this with you.

I bought this car back in 2004 when I was 19 after my lovely manta A got written off by an idiot in a van.

found out I couldnt insure it even though it was the same engine as the manta. So sorted out the electrics as the car hadnt been on the road since 1984 the year I was born. lol so when I was 21 it was running and had MOT and I got insurance but a month later I blew the engine so decided to strip her down and rebuild her and here are the pics of the journey so far.

When I had her on the road in 2005


the LPG tank with custom rear interior








when I got her in my garage last year







striping down the paint to find that the whole car has filler all over her to get the shape and curves perfect at this point I was worried but found out they all have it but then I was left with the problem of putting the filler back.


a coat of undercoast to stop her from rusting


then I was lucky to find a very talented young man who could put the filler back and she is starteing to look good again




still got the door,back panel and roof to do.


ive got some welding to do and sort out the engine pay and inside.




so alot of work left to do but one day I will get there.

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ye its meant to have a split bumber as the full ones ive got dont fit properly and I had to cut and bend it a bit more to get it to fit.

plans are to get her looking original other than wheels and height

as for engine not sure ive got all the bits to put a cavalier 130 engine running 150 bhp but also got a 2.0 manta engine running 185 bhp. so not sure yet

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The SEH would be a little more complicated than in a Manta because the engine is right against the bulkhead in a GT, so you'd have to relieve the bulkhead quite a lot where the rear water pipe comes out. The engine brackets are different so it's not just a case of using the 1.8 Manta brackets, and the exhaust's a bit of a squeeze too.

A 2.0, 2.2 or 2.4 goes right in without a problem. With the 2.0 injection you need to blank off the rear of the plenum where the cold start injector goes and move it to the side, no such problem on a 2.2/2.4 system. You might also have to mod the bonnet hook on that side, depending on the age of the bonnet on it.

If you're going for sidedraught carbs you can get a short manifold for both the 2.0 and 2.2/2.4 heads that allows you to keep the heater box. They're not exactly thick on the ground, but they are out there.

That said, since the GT is really light you don't need the torque the way you do in a Manta and the GT is the sort of car you want to rev. I have a 2.4 in mine but if I was starting again I'd probably go for an XE, just to get the fun at high rpm.

Have fun.




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