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Airmate Nimbus 25025 Compressor

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More to follow....

Nimbus 25025 Air Compressor

I have had this compressor sitting under my stairs for the last 10 years! And its now time for it to find a new home or meet its maker.

The last time I ran it in anger it started loosing pressure half way through a session, which to me indicated a head gasket problem.

As I had to get the job finished I went out and bought a replacement leaving it for a rainy day fix.

Assuming my diagnosis is correct, you can get a replacement gaskets set for £30 here http://www.knighton-tools.co.uk/acatalog/SIP_Spares.html

It was only about five years old when it failed and had lived a charmed existance up till then, so I would expect plenty of years left on the motor, gauges and receiver, etc.

Priority will be given to OMOC members first, after that it will be offered on freecycle.

Collection from:

112 Northwood Ave.




The weight would probably make a courier delivery uneconomic.


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Hi i know your post was a while ago regarding the nimbus 25025. i just wanted to know if you knew anything about it. I too have one and was thinking of using it for running my spray gun to paint some of my mk3 cortina..do you think it would be up to the job....thanks

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They have plenty of pressure, but flow and reserve capacity are relatively small.

You should be fine, but take your time and give the compressor a chance to charge the tank properly, you don't want the motor running 100% of the time.

Get a long hose and site it where it will get plenty of fresh air too.

I have run my other compressor in the kitchen whilst spraying in the garage :D .

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