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Manta Door Mirrors..


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Since I've had my Manta I've never been happy with the useless vision of the door mirrors. I put it down to their positioning on the door. However, after replacing a mirror on my Range Rover (Steep downward muddy slope with a 12" vertical drop in the middle, high verges with trees tight to the sides and Dad driving :lol: Don't ask!) I found it had the same problem with duff all round vision.

The mirror I fitted was magnified compared to every other mirror I've had on cars- that got me thinking and I compared it with my Manta. BINGO!

Sooooo, is it possible to get mirror glass that is 'normal'? All my other Manta mirrors are the same so they're not worth fitting.

Is the Manta mirror magnified, or is every other somehow unmagnified?

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