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Small Parts Needed.

Paul G

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Can anyone help please? I have had a bit of bad luck with the restoration my black, 1984 Opel Manta 2L GTE Hatch, having sent the car away for some welding and a £3K + paint job I have had to recover the car from the “workshop” as the guy doing the work for me walked away leaving the car in a terrible state. Anyway I now need some small parts which were “lost” while the car was being worked on to get it running at least. So, if anyone has any of the following at the moment I would be very interested.

Fuel pipes, all the way from the tank to the engine,

Bonnet stay,

Battery clamp,

Car jack,

Side skirt attachment screws / bolts.

Sadly I may not be able to make Billing, however I would pay postage to the Basingstoke area. Thank you all in advance for your help, I will need more stuff in the future but at the moment I just need these bits to get the car running and MOT able..

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