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Opel Manta Gte


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Up for sale is the Manta GTE I bought a while back.

Its only for sale as iv got a Manta GTE coupe coming so I no longer need this one.

Ill get this bit done first - the car was a cat C write off over 6 years ago. The only damage that appears to have been done is a slight dent in the sill and the passenger door has had some filler too. (Please see the pictures). My friend bought it first, fitted quite a few new bits and got the car through an mot. He then lost his job and sold the car to me.

I have had it for 2 months, and in this time I have taken the car for a VIC, of which it passed and I am just waiting for the logbook to come through.

The car itself is very solid. It is MOT'ed till October 2011 but has no tax.

All the usual Manta rust spots seem in very good order.

My freind fitted new brakes all round and fitted some new lowering springs - however I need these for the Coupe so it will be sold on standard springs.

The interior is in very good condition, it has a kill switch fitted in place of the cigarette lighter. The door cards have sadly been cut for speakers, as has the parcel shelf.

The car runs perfectly and drove really nice on the 60 mile round trip the VIC station and back.

The car does have a few issues that need sorting, but most of these are easily rectified.

It needs a full respray - it is many shades of white at the moment.

The exhaust is blowing,

The speedo cable snapped on the way back from the VIC so that will need changing,

The Petrol gauge doesnt work,

The rev counter goes all the way round to the redline when you turn the car on and doesnt move from there till you turn it off. (maybe a bad earth)

The rear wiper doesnt work,

The heater motor bearings sound a bit ropey,

It needs a full lockset as the door locks have been smoothed over and the bootlock had to be drilled out as it broke. It may be worth putting a decent alarm on it with central locking etc instead.

I have been as honest as I can with the car, I would advise coming to see it so you can see th car for yourself.

Anyway, Pictures,


















Im after £650 for it and im located in Chorley, Lancashire.


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