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Manta Coupe Boot Hinge

steve price

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somehow when my coupe was at the paint shop the n/s hinge as been bent out of shape im wanting to put the boot lid back on but the hinge is f----d :angry:

any help plz


should be in the parts wanted section oooooops

sorry :(

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all sorted [plz delete]

Hi Steve,

I'm interested to know how you got this sorted? I was told this happens because someone has slammed the boot lid down when the spare wheel inside was in the way of the hinge which causes the hinge to bend as it hits the spare. I bought a coupe a couple of years ago and someone had ruined the hinge by trying to cut it shorter and reweld it. Fortunately I source another one and the boot lid fits perfectly.

The thing now is I'm selling this car and buying another coupe which has the same problem with the boot lid not fitting. Thankfully no one has buggered up the hinge, it is just slightly bent out of shape. The guy I'm buying the car from tells me you can't fix these hinges, he says once they're bent out of shape you can't bend them back. Doesn't sound right to me.



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