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I don't have a Manta (yet) but I've always had a thing for them. first car I ever remember being in was my Dad's red B reg Manta GTE. was a awesome looking car unfortunatly I think it went to the scrap heap .

I might end up going back out to Germany with work in the near future so if I do I'll be on the look out for a nice little project, wouldn't mind getting on the Retro scene and the only car that ''really'' catch's my fancy is a Manta B even though I like all car's that are rare and have a bit of charector. So really just joined up to learn more about the car and hopefully get some advice when time come's to actually getting myself one

Last time I was in Germany I had a Calibra keeping to the vaux/opel scene. while i had it in germany I actually never seen another calibra , how weird is that I thought they'd be loads.....was just poncy BMW's everywhere.

Currently driving a Gt4 ST205 slightly tuned.

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