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White Exclusive Coupe


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Well its about time i pulled my finger out, i have just been informed,that i have not done anything with my coupe,since january 2011

i did purchase the coupe, in august 2010, from london from the first owner , i got all the paper work and the manta is complete but needs some welding, a full paint and odds and sods

over the last year i have been collecting parts from all over of country, including billing,and now have most of the parts i need to refresh all the worn out parts,

now i am just waiting for the lads at Autobann to finish the ever growing projects around the unit, so we can start the strip down and start cutting out the rot, treating, and welding.

will try to upload some photos of when i got the car, and some photos of stripdown.

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yeah it was, i was lucky to be the first to see it, as i had seen about 6 other in my price range and they were total baskets,

as i have found out that after 15 years of not having mantas, the projects that are about, usally need alot of work!! so i was lucky as it is quite original and solid,

im sure it will need all the normal welding and a full paint will post some pics asap

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good on you,i recall it was on the site one day type of thing and gone the next,i remember the car was all there and a good base to start from,so whats the plans,personally i love the std look,but each to their own,keep us posted as i find these projects very intrsting

steve :thumbup

this is a pic of my last white one,a couple of years agoPicture059.jpgPicture057.jpg

good luck with the project :thumbup

this is my latest coupe


white is the best colour i think personally

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Seeing the pics of your white manta, its stunning by the way, takes me back in the day!! as they say! my old man was a area manager of partco, so in the summer holidays we would go around to all his customers and garages

steve thompson was a great place to visit in the 80s, and i always got a few manta or irmscher items foc!!!! i also remember Andrews heat for Hire!! on the dudley rd with the rally cars!! my first car was a manta coupe tnn 606x,

that everyone i new at the time had owned!!! this was a bit of a nail but it never let me down and i do miss the days when you could drive about having a laugh with your mates, im sure we all have a story or too!!

Anyway can anyone tell me why some exclusive have sliver alloys and others have a grey colour set,??? mine has sliver but think they look better dark .

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