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Opel Manta B Cc


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1980 2.0 CIH, 4 Speed gear box, sunroof, alloy wheels.

Mileage: 98,600 km (odometer didn't turn around once).

2300 Eur.

Car body (metal) is in almost ideal shape, it have couple dents, but almost no rust at all (just near trunk lid and battery), everything else is in perfect shape. In pictures there is mud on metal, not rust.

Outher paint job is in bad condition, needs respraying, but again, there are no rust on it, just bubles from bad painting.

Interior is in very good condition, exempt front recaro seats are riped little bit, but fully functional and in ok codition.

Everything on her works, no problems with suspension, electricity, locks or everything else...

Suspension was checked, engine seals and gaskets were changed, exhaust pipes renewed, carbiurator front brakes remanufactured.

Air blower fan don't make any noise. Headlights are in good condition, no corrosion. Car from inside feels like new, just need new paint job, some time with front seats and will be real beauty.

With car comes many parts: full irmsher bodykit (side skirts, front and rear low bumpers), front bumper as one in link: http://www.realcar.s...roducts_id=9629 , 5 speed gearbox with prop shaft for it. Another set of "drop" mirrors, also original ones. And other body, suspension and engine parts.

Car is in Lithuania, but on demand it can be driven to Europe. Will help with registration and paperwork.

Photos in ads:



For more and hi-res photos please contact me customparts01@mail.com

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