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Bn Genuine Gm 1800 Cam

Manta Modifier

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As above. Genuine GM still with packaging camshaft. Bought this for my Mk2 Astra, but it is the earlier type with push fit for the rotor arm, rather than the two M4 bolts (which is the later type I needed) for my 18SE engine.

It has been oiled up and prepped but never used.

Owes me £30 so make me an offer around that and I'll be happy. Located in Lincoln.

As far as I know it would fit an 1800 Manta, but please check before buying it. I'll help if I can.


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I'll have this mate but would need to check fitment.

I have an '85 1.8S Manta. Are there any part numbers on the cam shaft so I can check?

Anyone know the part number of the correct camshaft for my car or how I could check?

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Hi Druid

looking at the Haynes book of lies there is a photo of the end of the cam and it looks right.

The cam has the following stamps




I can't make out all the part number on the box, but would feel confident putting it in an 1800 Manta. The astra has a bolt on rotor arm so it won't fit that. Gutted

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No worries.

Possibly might be able to get it to Coventry for the weekend if that helps

That might be an idea. Are you coming over this way? I actually live in Leamington Spa but could meet. I will try and find a pic of the correct camshaft and a part number for comparison, don't want you to waste too much time if its incorrect.

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I was hoping to see someone from that way at the weekend but it didn't happen. Still happy to post though for a tenner.

The pic in the Haynes manual is the same as this cam. ie not with the two bolt holes.

Tony's got a fair point. It's advisable to replace the followers if you can or if yours have any wear. I replaced my followers with GM approved ones from Vauxcare in Lincoln for a fiver each. Vauxhall wanted £25 each.

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