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Nikki Carb


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hopefully somebody can help:)

i have just fitted a 1900s engine into what was a 1600s manta A

as the 1600 was running fine i decided to use the Nikki carb that was running on the 1600 and now am have running problems. I understand that the jets will need to be changed to make the 1900s preform but the problem is on idle, seems like fuel starvation as it just dies then its very hard to get the engine to fire again, but when running the engine revs strong no problem then you take you foot of the pedal the engine settles then dies. ive riched up the mixer screw which is on the last thread and still no luck.

The engine timings good the fuel pump good and ive checked for air leaks around the manifolds and the base of the carb.

any thoughts?


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Don't know the Nikki Carbs at all but idle generally depends on both the mixture screw and the idle jet itself.. idle jet determines the flowrate, mixture screw the ratio of air to fuel..

something could either be blocking the idle jet slightly, or it's just too small for the 1.9.. once again, not sure if that's an item that can be modified or interchanged on those carbs..

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