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A Series Shell With V5


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Just gauging interest here really. I bought an A series that was in a bit of a state, I have completely stripped the car, if it could be un-bolted or un-screwed it's been removed. I have also removed the front valence. What is left is of no use for me but happy to sell it on to anyone game enough to try and use it.

When I bought the car I contracted a haulier to bring it from Hebburn into the North East of England to home in Pembrokeshire. It arrived safely and came with a V5 document but this was not in the name of the bloke I'd bought it from nor had it been signed. I have sent this off to the Dvla with an explanatory letter and am waiting to see what they come back with.

Initial enquiries suggest that the shell may be 1973 built so I suppose there is a possibility that it will become tax exempt from next April, provided that the condems don't uturn on their promise. I am not prepared to sell the vin plate and logbook on their own.

I will be asking £150 for it and you will need the means and machines to collect it from SA62. I am however prepared to negotiate that price initially with club members as it would be better someone use it rather than it be weighed in.

For more info please see http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/34009-opel-manta-a-breaking-save-it/

If you want anymore info please ask.

I will add photos of the shell as it is now when time and weather permit

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