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Manta 2.2 With 20 Ltr Head


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hi, can anybody give me any idea which cam to use on my engine

2.2cih with 2ltr head, the engine has been rebored using 96mm mahle piston

the crank has been lightened by 6oz and fully balanced,

the flywheel has been lightened by 4lb

piston and conrods have been lightened by 40grams each

front pulley lightened by 6oz all have been fully balanced

the deck height has been done on the block

cylinder head has been skimmed to clean it up

it has 40 / 45mm rec valves fitted

all ports have been fully opened up matched polished and gas flowed

obviously I need a cam that dosn,t allow valves to catch the pistons

would prefer some type of rally cam rather than a street cam

that's for any information anybody can give me

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