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1978 Cavalier 1.6 GL


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Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6 GL

Was an Auto but now fitted with a 5 speed manual Manta Gearbox.

44,762 miles

Last MOT in 2007 with a fail in 2010. A little rust but not bad.

Unfortunately there is damage to the passenger doors that occurred in storage

A great starting point for a project.

I bought this car as part of a bereavement sale so I don’t know that much about it.

This is the cars story from Mantaman.


My friends got it running for me at the weekend after a bit if a struggle with the points. It ran around my field just fine but it was noted that it has a noisy clutch release bearing. Also the brakes will need some work.

V5C is present and in my name

Can be viewed/collected near Buckingham MK18



As some of you know I bought a collection of cars belonging to the late Mantaman. Some are keepers and others will have to be sold on, this is the first of the I can't keep everything cars!

IMG_20210804_173449 broad.jpg

IMG_20210804_172706 broad.jpg

Cavalier started broad.jpg

IMG_20210822_105731 broad.jpg

IMG_20210804_173414 broad.jpg

IMG_0200.JPG.3d36fe027bb61f5f1d2f190561de3df9 broad.jpg

IMG_20210822_105717 broad.jpg

IMG_20210804_173425 broad.jpg

IMG_20210822_105800 broad.jpg

IMG_20210804_173017 broad.jpg

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