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  • How much is my car worth?


    How much is my car worth?

    This is the most common question asked, shown below are typical prices. (2018)

    Concours cars - £10,000+

    Fully restored examples don't come up for sale very often but expect to pay £10,000 + for one with a good build quality and photographic evidence of the restoration work.

    Condition 1 - £5000 +

    • These are not concours or mint cars but they must be original in appearance. Restoration work should be to a high standard with correct detailing and not just temporary cosmetic rejuvenation.
    • Bodywork and paintwork should be relatively unmarked with correct panel gaps and shut lines. Interiors should be inviting and undamaged.
    • They should have a current MOT with fit mechanicals. Engines should not display low oil pressure, excessive consumption or smoke. Gearboxes clutch and axles should be in proper working order.
    • History should be available in part or in full.

    Condition 2 - £3000

    • Cars in this category should be of reasonable appearance requiring some attention to paintwork but not requiring major panel replacement.
    • Interiors should be complete and relatively original, possibly needing carpets and localised retrimming.
    • They should also have a current MOT and major components such as engine, gearbox & back axle should be in working order and not require any immediate serious expenditure.
    • Ancillaries like alternators, starter motors, shock absorbers etc. may need replacement.

    Condition 3 - £1000

    • These are not ruins with cob webs, but running cars. They will be tatty and need extensive paintwork and body repairs, mechanical reconditioning and interior work.
    • They will show signs of poor quality repairs and be in part non-original. They will have had many owners and be of high mileage.

    Further Information

    • Prices have started to rise over the last few years.
    • Provided the standard of engineering is high, modifying a car doesn't reduce its value.
    • The Turbo model is worth roughly double the value of the standard model.
    • The SR/Rallye with manual transmission is considered to be the most desirable standard model.
    • The deluxe with automatic transmission is considered to be the least desirable model.

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