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1981 Mk1 Cavalier 2000 GL


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Whilst the historic Chevette gets built, I bought myself a RWD toy to complete in the remaining road rallies this year. Found this on ebay and it turns out Jock from on here was selling it:



Jock dropped it off on the Sunday and I had the first event the following Saturday. Unfortunately work took priority so didn't get half the jobs I wanted done on it. After a shakedown first drive to the event in Elgin, we entered the March Hare Rally. It started off dry, but soon got real wet with some heavy downpours. The car was going well though, suspension is WAY too soft and especially going over yumps the sus travel was bottomed out. Got back into the RWD swing of things again though and were going for a class win but at Control 13 (of 15) white smoke poured out the engine as we stopped. Fan belt had snapped (the original from buying the car) and the new one was sitting in the workshop! Aiming for the club championship this year, so we chanced it back to the finish control to pick up some points as we were only a few miles away but the lights packed up just over a mile away from the finish!

Jobs to do are to fit spare Manta shocks I have to see whether these are stiffer and some better tyres. Also on the hunt for Manta GTE seats as the standard Cavalier's dont have headrests. Got to double check the rulebook about removing trim and keen to tidy the outside of the car as it looks a bit old, tired and boring at the moment.

Anyone got photos of smart looking 5dr Cavaliers!? Apart from teasing me with the "weld an Ascona front end on" option!

Really like how clean the back of Jacko's is:


Would a Manta B rear bumper look wrong?

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Looks a tidy Cav.. Be unusual to see one on Road Rallies. Im buiding an Ascona for RR when I get time to do it that is..

Tidy looking Cavalier you want??? Look for my SRi 130 Mk1 in Projects.

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Im buiding an Ascona for RR when I get time to do it that is..

Yeah, you bet me to the rollcage for sale!

Its just a bit of fun until the Chevette's built, but it a good car itself. Will have a look for your SRi

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