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i purchased a 2.0 CIH engine off of someone on this forum a couple of years ago that i was told was good, decided to finally fit it so had a mate check ovet it and the bottom end needs re-building due to loss of oil pressure it looks like.

the spec that i was told the engine was is as follows:

2.0 stroked to 2.2

lightened and balanced crank,

high comp pistons,

big valve ported and polished head,

aldon dizzy

im not a mechanic but i do have a little bit of mechanical knowledge and pick things up quickly.

my mate who has done a bit of work on engines before said he would take a look at it for me,

got the head off to check it was all ok before fitting and found that:

the pistons rattled in the bores but bores are ok.

he decided to take the sump off and check it all.

1 big end shell had spun, crank looked to be ok. crank also moves foward and backwards so he said i need a new set of rings, new big ends and new mains and said it was due to lack of oil pressure.

he said the oil pump looked ok,

could the loss of oil pressure been fuel going down the bores and thinning the oil?

also being 'stroked' would this have a 2.0 crank or 2.2 crank? how do i tell ehat crank it has? also the crank doesnt look lightened but has been balanced.

would the rods be 2.0 or would they be 2.2 ones? again how do i tell?

the pistons do have valve cut outs so i assume they are high comp but having never seen standard 2.0 cih ones i dont know.

i would be greatful of any pics and advice on how to find out what bits i have so i can get the right bits. and also where to get bits from. i am on a tight budget and wasn't counting on this bottom end to need a re-build!

he said the head looks good and has had a lot of work done on it, he has cleaned it up and re-seated the valves.

is it worth getting a new oil pump?

also new rod bolts?

i have a head set but will need a bottom end gasket and seal set.

any advice on where to get all these bits from would be much appreciated.

thanks, steve

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If its been stroked, you have a 2.2 crank. Standard 2.0 pistons have shallow recesses in the top for the valves. What sort of nick were the rings in?

so is it just the crank thats different? will it have 2.0 rods? what big and mains will i need 2.0 or 2.2?

rings were quite bad

got any pics of standard pistons?

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Check the stroke at bdc and measure from the top of the bore, if its 2.2 it will be 77.5mm. The rods arent the same as 2.0 as the conrod bolts are shorter. If the pistons are high comp pistons then they will have a raised dome on them, if there flat there std. Check the piston ring gaps in the piston, thse will probably have worn if its as bad as you say it is so the pistons will need modding or there scrap. 2.2 pistons are pretty hard to come by and are mega expensive 100 quid each at least!!!

I bought the last 3 sets of Goetze rings for the 2.2s about 8 months ago and they had to come from Holland, but due to me getting forged pistons made up i have spares sets. Paid 50 quid a set for them so thats what i would want back if your interested.

For the oil pump just check the teeth aren't scored and that the pump gear to case clearance is correct. If it had a gasket on a pump that requires no gasket then you would get low pressure. Also check the housing as if this is scored badly then that will cause low pressure as well.

Con rod bolts !!!!! If you find new sets tell me because i can't at the right price. Only place that had them was Risse motorsport and then only 2.0 and 2.4.



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