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400 Kit Quality


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Can anyone recommend (or recommend to stay clear of!) good quality 400 bodykits? I'm guessing Irmscher have the best quality / fit / durability but who else?

I hear MC Rallying have closed down, but were their kits good?

Cheers for any help.

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At the moment one of the truest kits around is done by RallyTech, copied from a genuine 400 road kit that was lent to them. It has returns on the rear arches so these bolt on like the road car. This saves weighing down your rear quarters with filler to blend in the flanges found on a lot of rally kits as these are designed to rivet on for quick changes.

Of course if you want a rally replica a cheaper rally kit will do you fine.

The RallyTech kits aren't perfect, but aren't ripply like some of those made from old moulds. These moulds were made last year if I remember rightly.

Have a look at Manta400.com they used to have a good 400 kit fitting guide. I think the text is still there but the pics are gone.

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