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Hazard Warning Lights


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Hi, I have a '74 A-Series up for MOT today. The hazard warning lights only flash when the headlights are on and the stalk operating the high beam is pulled towards you. When the high beams are on and the stalk is not being pulled toward you the hazards stop working again...Any ideas on how to get them working properly? Incidently, the problem has coencided with some welding I've had done and I don't think that they disconnected the battery from the body (as my radio is knackered). Cheers, Tom

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Look for melted wires in the vicinity of the welding. Was welding done on sill to floor area or near rear spring hangers?

I can tell you that when the main beam is on the A and B disconnect power to the fog lights, so looks like some common earthing or bridging. Couple that with welding and you should check if the loom was melted by the work, however, may be a coincidence or something disconnected to weld and a loose earth.

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