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Head Unit Wiring


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I bought my Manta on Sunday and it didn't come with any headunit so I was going to put one in but it looks as if the wires have been cut and I don't know which wire is which.

Does anyone know or could give me a heads up please? I've got a stereo wiring loom from a MK4 Astra so if needed I could solder the wires onto that to get the HU to work

Any help would be appreciated.

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The easiest way to do it is to get yourself a small electrical tester (about a fiver from any motor factors) its quite simple really, a live to power it (usually red), an earth (usually black) and if the unit has a electric ariel wire (sometimes orange) then that will need to be attached to the live(sometimes acts as a memory for radio stations and for all the settings). The tester will tell you whats live and what isnt providing the tester itself is attached to a decent earth (somewhere on the body, but not a rusty bit;)) all the rest will be speakers but you need to be a bit carefull with those as you wont know what side of the speaker the individual wire runs to and its easy to cross them and as a result the speaker wont fire properly and give little sound, I recently had to strip out all the speakers in my daily driver so I could tell what was what, it made it easier. I also tape the wires together first so I know that they are right before soldering them up. Make sure that the unit has an inline fuse so If you do make a mistake then it wont be to much of a disaster.


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