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Polyurethane Rear Antiroll Bar Bushes


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Somehow have ended up with an excess of these. Some from Dr Manta, some from Opelgtsource.

These are for the A series (I don't know if the B is the same or not)

They are meant for the anti roll bar that has bushes inserted inside the bar, as opposed to the one with the bushes slid onto the bar (I hope that makes sense!)

They will do either anti roll bar for the chassis connection, but if you have the one that bushes slide onto the bar, you'll need to enlarge the hole in the bracket where it attaches to chassis.

I have the stainless steel plates to replace the bracket for the type with bushes in the bar as well. ( I should have taken photos!)

You will need metal insert off the old bushes.

I have a pair of bushes with metal insert, and 2 pairs without.

£12 per pair for unsleeved ones, £15 with sleeves. £5 for the brackets. plus postage.

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