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Titan Motorsport Traction Master Lsds


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Hello to all,

I can now supply new plate limited slip differentials for the Manta/Kadett/Ascona/Chevette HS rear axles. Manufactured by Titan Motorsport:

Improved Driveability

Titan’s unique sintered clutch plate coating, Sintrak™, ensures the unit increases load to the slipping wheel in an

extremely smooth and linear manner, improving feel and driveability.

Increased Torque Transfer

Titan’s Sintrak™ coated clutch plates are able to transfer significantly more torque across the rear axle to the wheel

with higher levels of grip than steel plated differentials, helping you get more power down when exiting a corner.

Extremely Low Clutch Plate Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH)

Due to the frictional characteristics of steel, limited slip differentials that have steel on steel clutch plates can

experience high levels of NVH in use. The advanced friction characteristics of Sintrak™ significantly reduce, and in

some cases eliminate, these problems.

Rigorously Tested

Titan differentials have been developed in house at Titan Motorsport and tested under the harshest of conditions,

racking up hundreds of hours on the road and racetrack.

Bespoke Setups

Traction Master differentials are available in a variety of set-ups to suit your vehicle. Our sales staff will be able to help

you pick the right ramp angle and pre-load options for your application.

Wear Resistant

The unique Sintrak™ coating has extremely good durability, which ensures plate wear and the associated pre-load

drop off is kept to a minimum, and any wear that does occur is consistent and doesn’t ruin performance.


Titan components are designed and manufactured using the latest CAD/CAM technologies from the highest quality

materials available, all to ISO 9000 standards.


Retail price is £822.50 but I can do a special introductory offer of £665.00 plus £15 P&P. Made to order so anything from 10-21 working days at the moment but would have to confirm if anyone wished to order.



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You are probably looking at 2 weeks maximum but give me an idea of when you require one and if not too long I am sure we can work something out.



Email sent last night, look forward to hearing from you.



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