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Tecdoc 2Q2010


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Year: 2010

Version: 2-nd quarter

Developer: TecDoc Informations System GmbH

Platform: Windows 2000 SP4/XP/2003/Vista

Compatibility with Vista: full

System Requirements: Processor: Pentium III or higher, Memory: 512 MB or higher graphics card: 16 MB, 1024x768; free space on HDD: 18.5 GB Full installation; DVD-drive: 8x; Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.

Language: Multilanguage

Crack: Include

Description: The electronic catalog TECDOC (2 quarter 2010). The largest catalog of non-original spare parts and accessories for cars and trucks.

The catalog provides details on the search for original and unoriginal numbers of most manufacturers, there is a possibility of selection based on the model designation of the engine, axle, or search for the original part number.

Details of the details includes drawings, photographs, dimensions of parts, lists of original numbers, applicability, manufacturer information and other useful information.

For the vehicles listed petrol tanks, types of oils and fluids, dress in aggregates, belt replacement intervals, and lubricants.

In this version of TECDOC CATALOG presented the first time data on the details of the following brands:



Size: 16,07 GB

cac60bf5ff80c609af70bb684d39a8d3.jpeg 30b0b4fad881e7a36cf67a52baba4290.jpeg

Download from Vip-file.com_TecDoc2010_2.part01.rar.html

Download from Vip-file.com_TecDoc2010_2.part02.rar.html

Download from Vip-file.com_TecDoc2010_2.part03.rar.html

Download from Vip-file.com_TecDoc2010_2.part04.rar.html

Download from Vip-file.com_TecDoc2010_2.part05.rar.html

Download from Vip-file.com_TecDoc2010_2.part06.rar.html

Download from Vip-file.com_TecDoc2010_2.part07.rar.html

Download from Vip-file.com_TecDoc2010_2.part08.rar.html

Download from Vip-file.com_TecDoc2010_2.part09.rar.html


Download from Letitbit.net_TecDoc2010_2.part01.rar.html

Download from Letitbit.net_TecDoc2010_2.part02.rar.html

Download from Letitbit.net_TecDoc2010_2.part03.rar.html

Download from Letitbit.net_TecDoc2010_2.part04.rar.html

Download from Letitbit.net_TecDoc2010_2.part05.rar.html

Download from Letitbit.net_TecDoc2010_2.part06.rar.html

Download from Letitbit.net_TecDoc2010_2.part07.rar.html

Download from Letitbit.net_TecDoc2010_2.part08.rar.html

Download from Letitbit.net_TecDoc2010_2.part09.rar.html


Download from Shareflare.net_TecDoc2010_2.part01.rar.html

Download from Shareflare.net_TecDoc2010_2.part02.rar.html

Download from Shareflare.net_TecDoc2010_2.part03.rar.html

Download from Shareflare.net_TecDoc2010_2.part04.rar.html

Download from Shareflare.net_TecDoc2010_2.part05.rar.html

Download from Shareflare.net_TecDoc2010_2.part06.rar.html

Download from Shareflare.net_TecDoc2010_2.part07.rar.html

Download from Shareflare.net_TecDoc2010_2.part08.rar.html

Download from Shareflare.net_TecDoc2010_2.part09.rar.html


Download from Sms4file.com_TecDoc2010_2.part01.rar.html

Download from Sms4file.com_TecDoc2010_2.part02.rar.html

Download from Sms4file.com_TecDoc2010_2.part03.rar.html

Download from Sms4file.com_TecDoc2010_2.part04.rar.html

Download from Sms4file.com_TecDoc2010_2.part05.rar.html

Download from Sms4file.com_TecDoc2010_2.part06.rar.html

Download from Sms4file.com_TecDoc2010_2.part07.rar.html

Download from Sms4file.com_TecDoc2010_2.part08.rar.html

Download from Sms4file.com_TecDoc2010_2.part09.rar.html

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It looks great, but do you know if cover Opel Manta A ??


P.S. some one knows if the TECH (Opel/Vauxhall program) covers opel Manta A, i have a friend with the last one but the oldest car is the corsa b

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