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Shed Load Of Parts Clear Out


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These pictures show pretty much everything I've acquired and due to a complete change I need to get rid.

Would prefer to sell everything together to save splitting and hassle. Everything looks to be useful stuff and as such is all sellable if you wanted to sell it individually yourself.

Not really sure what it's all worth so make me a sensible offer and you never know!

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Are the set of blue HT leads for a 1.8?

If so I'll make you an offer on them.

Also was that a new oil filter for a 1.8 and dizzy cap and rotor arm?

Would be interested in the pair of side skirts and ends in white.

Also what are these?




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Those are indeed Head bolts for a 1.8L OHC Manta engine. Also have a headgasket and top end set which you have reminded me about, although they will probably go with the car.

"Was it a new oil filter". Ha ha, I have been known to hoard some odd stuff but keeping used oil filters is not generally one of them! Yep, it is certainly new, there's a couple of them I believe.

Although I could just sell a few odd bits, I'd rather save myself the hassle and let someone collect everything and they in turn could split it. I've also had a couple of PMs regarding separate bits so this just prooves that it is all sellable!

Oh and yes to whoever left a message, the red boot spoiler is indeed brand new and still has the protection on the fixing threads. Erm I'm not sure if you can buy them still, sorry, but perhaps ask a main dealer?!

I would rather sell the parts as a whole so make me an offer on the lot. If however there is no interest in everything as a whole then I will give first dibs to all of those who have asked. Chronological order will be followed.

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Lol ~ re filterlaugh.gif Poor choice of words on my part.

Sorry not really interested in the whole lot, bit too much for me to take onblink.gif

But if you do think of splitting it up a little, could be interested in a load of the 1.8 partsthumbsup.gif



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