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2.0I Gt/e Radiator?


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Anyone selling a radiator that'll fit a Manta B, 2.0i GT/e (1984)?

My radiator doens't leak, but all the fins are rotted off the bottom two inches of the core plus there's several places higher up where stones / debris have claimed little pockets of fins :unsure:

Since the hot weather arrived my car has taken to heating up gradually on long runs, it'll hold normal temperature at town speeds but a couple of minutes on the motorway has the temp needle edging upwards, holding 70mph for a few miles sees the needle evening out at the last white marker on the temp gauge, i've found I can make the needle go back down towards the previous marker by putting the heater on full hot.. i'm not losing water or boiling up so i'm hopefull that the rest of the system is ok.

Ideally after a good replacement that I can drop in.. i'm using the car as a daily-driver at the moment so can't really take the rad off to have it recored, but any info on where / how much I could get my original rad refurbished would be useful also?

cheers :)

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