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Manta B Front Bumper Splitter


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No pics at the moment but will try to remember after work. Remember seeing a member's car with one properly fitted and all painted white- looked the dogs nuts. :)

Brand New unfitted/unpainted 2 part fibreglass front splitter nice shape and good depth for a Manta. From a group buy several months ago.

Spot on condition although as with all new fibreglass parts will be better if it's fettled a little after fitting.

Fits GTE type bumper, didn't come cheap but no good to me now, postage price to be confirmed but won't be a lot. Offers welcome.

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:unsure: Oops. I slept too long today and clean forgot about this, sorry. Well I believe the last time they were available they were circa £100 plus P&P but alas I can't remember exactly and neither can I recall who organised it all. Perhaps somebody on here may do, and post some proper pics of any fitted.

There aren't many about and I've searched for a while on Google images and come up with these- the white Manta may well be the car I'm thinking of but it's a different picture. Obviously I don't know if these are genuine or a Repro like mine but they're the same design.



Not the best pictures but something for you to go on hopefully- there maybe better ones but photobucket etc. is blocked at work here so I can't see them...

I have no Manta now so it may as well get used!


Interested but haven't a clue what they're worth! Photo's would be cool.

Cheers, Gary


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Right, now I've woken up and remembered, here's some pictures of the actual item. Good smooth surface on outside for rubbing down for spraying- I planned rattle can black as it may catch on the odd thing so easy touch up it needed.. Each to their own!

Good fit but once offered up to your car a little time and it'll fit together spot on- Better than most fibre glass stuff I've seen! Will obviously require bonding together and to the bottom of the GTE bumper. Should fit nice and tight just with a few self tapper up from underneath though :thumbup





Remember the broad bit across the top is only to fit it to the bumper so isn't as imposing it it appears there.

To my knowledge none of these are currently available so make an offer and stand out from the crowd!

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