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1984 Manta 1.8S Gt/j - Non Sunroof


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Opel Manta 1.8S GT/J For sale - Driveable unfinished project

I am offering my current project manta, a non-sunroof 1984 A-reg GT/J for sale as I have been offered a bit of a one off car and need both the space and the little extra cash to help pay for it. I am only offering it to the club as it has been in the club for many years now, has had a part resto a few years back and as the car was beginning to tire again, I took it off the road for some bodywork attention, an interior refresh and a respray.

The car has done 95,000 miles and is without tax and test but I do have it currently insured and does drive so although collection via trailer maybe more sensible, you could drive it back if you cover yourself legally by prebooking an MOT for the day of collection.

To finish this car needs the old paintwork prep, it will need some filler and some tiny dabs with a mig welder where someone had previously self tapped in some side skirts (or fill them) and there is a bit of a dent in the rear tailgate, then will need a repaint. I can offer some cellulose primer and bright post box red or satin black (gloss when laquered) if needed for extra cost but chances are you'd want your own colour and paint type. There are two holes in the drivers footwell that need a small patch each, the first is right in the middle and shows at the back of the wheel arch, the second is in the floor-bulkhead join in the washer bottle area that is accessible for welding in the footwell area. The headlamps I have for this car will need to have the wires spliced in due to this car having had quads in the past and the engine although well serviced and maintained has developed an oil leak which as far as I can tell is coming from the crankshaft front seal which I can provide and could be done when you next change the cambelt. An MOT and then it's good to go....

As well as the obvious redtop conversion stuff that the 1.8 cars feature, I have fitted the car with a near mint recaro interior in black daytona check from a GTE (a GTJ original proved too rare, plus it's dull!) by near mint the fabric and bolsters are very good, it's just that the tilt handle on the drivers seat is missing :( you can still tilt the seat if you jam your finger in the lever mechanism though. The car has been lowered on -35mm springs from GTE spec, being a 1.8 the drop is more like -65mm and has uprated front brakes with calibra/mk3 cavalier calipers and vented disks which are a vast improvement over the original biscuit tin lids. The wheels I would have liked to keep as they are off my GTE show car but are the only spare set I have for this GTJ they have only covered 16,000 miles so are in very good order, the tyres are BFGoodridge and are like new, literally 1000's of miles on them and should you wish to drive the car back home as mentioned earlier are perfectly road worthy all round. Other pluses are this car has rear seatbelts, no sunroof, all it's original glass, good history in a nice vauxhall folder and has been loved by it's last 4 previous owners who have been club members. I would really like to finish this and if this new car of mine falls through I will be withdrawing it for sale, I do need to answer yes or no to my new car soon so am looking for a quick sale.

I have basically broken down a list of what I can sell the parts for in the current climate, which come to £700 which is what I am asking for the car. It is located at my yard in Standlake, West Oxfordshire.

Here are a few pictures of it's current state but note I will fit the spoiler and bumper (which are white) before collection and also the headlamps. Many thanks, Rick 07809 329211 or PM or reply to topic with any queries.




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It looks a little more like a manta again now I've losely fitted the spoiler and bumper and I'll get the headlamps in as soon as poss. I can offer a few extra bits and bobs to the deal provided my spares car hasn't been picked up by then, certainly no obligation to buy if you view and test drive (I'm on private land where you can't really get out of 2nd, but still gives an idea of handling and general performance).

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It looks as though I'll be pulling this from sale since the bloke I was hopefully buying my next automotive wonder from, doesn't want to talk turkey and frankly I'm too tired and old to be jerked around by a dealer!! Thanks for all the interest in it <_<

...which was none :lol:

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